Taurus frame rail wear: how much is normal?

Discussion in 'Taurus' started by mustache79, Oct 5, 2010.

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    I have a newer PT140 mil pro. After a few trips back to Taurus (2 bad mag catches) the gun finally fuctions properly, but I have a new concern. I recently put a box of 50 rounds through the gun. I field stripped it to clean and lube and I'm seeing what seems to look like pretty excessive frame rail wear. The underside of the right frame rail has a groove in it that extends the entire length of the rail. Its not just the paint that has worn off, but some metal as well. I clean and lube the gun after every use. I've only put around 250 rounds through this brand new gun. After cleaning the gun this time around I noticed I had quite a bit of metal dust on my brush. Is this a normal part of the break in process or should I take the gun back to be looked at again? This is my first firearm. Thanks. - Mustache
  2. Well a few questions before you put the money forward sending it around. How much more wear is it compared directly to the other side, and is there anything on the slide that could be making this mark that you can see or feel, could just be a burr or some odd thing.

    I was gifted my brother-in-law's 145SSP and like the mil pro line of pistols, hope you can get this sorted.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. The wear is almost exclusively on the right side. There is some wear on the other side, but nothing like what I'm seeing on the right side. I checked for a burr but Couldn't find anything. Maybe a burr was getting dragged along the rail and came off when I cleaned it. I really like this gun now that it works, but this has me concerned as for how long it will last. I might take it back to the shop I bought it from and see what they say. When I bought the gun I paid an extra $25 for an extended warrenty that covers the shipping cost back to Taurus. Since I've already had to send the gun back twice I'm glad I paid the extra $25, even though Taurus does have a lifetime warrenty.
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    I don't have any experience with a Taurus, but after multiple thousands of rounds thru other brands of pistols wear like you are describing would concern me. I would have a reputable gunsmith inspect it or forward an inquiry with good pictures to Taurus.
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    The shop I bought it from is quite a drive but I think my best bet would be to just have it looked at by a pro. here is pic of the frame rail- what do you think?:

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    That picture is gigantic, humongous and takes forever to download with my meager, outdated equipment, so I couldn't see the full sized version. However, I have owned Taurus firearms in the past, and have had a lot of problems with them. One revolver that had an incorrect cylinder gap and ground to a halt against the barrel after just a few rounds (yes, it was brand new), another revolver that lasted about 500 rounds before metal started coming off of the face of the cylinder (a properly hardened revolver cylinder should last a LOT longer than 500 rounds!). Taurus has some definite quality control problems. They need to learn that you just can't run raw steel through a CNC machine and produce quality guns. There are more processes necessary and one of the most important is heat treating. Steel isn't just steel, there are dozens of different kinds of steels and only a few of those are the right toughness and hardness to make firearms. Firearms cannot be made out of soft mild steel and be expected to last very long. When Taurus finally solves this problem (and their quality control issues) I expect their prices to rise accordingly. Then, and only then will I consider purchasing another Taurus product. That's my two cents.
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    the pic poppped right up for me.
    unfortunately it isnt all that clear of a photo.
    so i cant really tell whats happening.
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    It looks like excessive wear to me !! I'd ship it back and ask for a new gun !! Galling of the rails is not Taurus exclusive !!
    What lube are you using ?? I always recommend a synthetic for slide rails. They will not break down under heat. I shoot all my semi-autos wet. Buy a quart of Mobil 1 and it will last you forever !!