Frances leader takes a strong stands on their illegals

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  1. killsnapz

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    Why can't we get politicians like this guy?
    Thousands protest French crackdown on Gypsies - Yahoo! News
    I am slowly starting to have a bit of respect for France. People are protesting but the article says this is exactly why the French people elected him to clean out the freeloaders and criminals that are costing him country billions.

  2. Kyl63

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    No kidding, I'd like to see a politician in the good ol' USA that isn't afraid to do what needs to be done, and then not apologize to CNN later for doing something.

  3. Polls are roughly 70% in favour of his actions and increasing daily!

    The Brits are hoping our lily-livered politians take notice!
  4. DWFan

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    You won't get Washington to do that with the current President. He set the standard with his aunt even before he was elected. Under his direction, Homeland Security and ICE have already determined that unless the illegal is a violent criminal, they're free to stay.
  5. It's hard to imagine that our country is so broke that they and states spend Billions on Illegals to be here.

    I don't for the life of me understand that. People that are fellons recieveing money we don't even have and we have to pay higher and higher tax's.

    I wish I could type what I'd really like to say about this. It would be true but real bad.
    So much for my 1st. ammendment right. Don't you just Hate polititions !!!
  6. petrol

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    Let's see, obama is like hitler but a european leader rounding up gypsies has the right idea. Any sense of irony? As far as I know, I think romania is in the eu which gives any members the right to travel to any other eu state. North africa on the other hand is not. And there are huge numbers of algerians in paris.
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    Wow, a frenchy with Cojones!!

    Aint' seen one of those since Van Damme ;)
  9. killsnapz

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    I think alot of it has mainly to do with economics and not so much where they are from petrol. Apparently alot of these people are known to be in France just to work the system and get whatever they can for free even though they do not contribute to it. Are there some of these people that are good citizens. I am sure there are but we all know how the world works. You will be judged by how the majority behaves. Is it fare? No but you have to do what you have to do to take care of your own countrymen first and foremost. Sorry if you were not fortunate enough to be born in a country with a good economy but we are going to take care of our own.

  10. killsnapz

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    Right! I have had no respect for France since they had there butt handed to them by the Nazi's who possed a smaller army with half as many armored vehicles. Then as soon as the British and Americans won their country back for them the first thing they did was rush to remove all of the English speaking troops from their borders.
    Looks like mabye there might be some Frenchmen with something between there legs afterall. I never though I would see the day when I would be suggesting we should follow France's example. Viva la France!

  11. petrol

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    Hmmm, gypo's working the system? Is the pope catholic? Of course they are there to work the system, that's why historically gypsies have been hated and persecuted throughout europe. And yes, the ones in 'snatch' are very real.