Franchi LAw 12

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  1. I just aquired an 87 Franchi Law 12, is there anywhere I can get a stock or aftermarket accessories for it? All it has is the pistol grip. Thanks
  2. see google

    kidding, ummm maybe tapco or (even though cheaper than dirt sucks)

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    I would go to the Franchi web page and use the 'contact us' and see what they say. sam.
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    Good luck [email protected] I own one and strange as it sounds that google search lead me to this site 700 posts ago and I've hung around.

    There are few parts to be found. I have been searching for the full length stock (fiberglass) they made for it to no avail.

    If you find something let me know at [email protected]



    Just a little historical perspective on this shotgun guys...George "H" Bush banned it from import way back when during his administration.
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    Ya tried google and all that jazz and it led me too this forum site which is about all, I do appreciate the insight and if I happen to run across anything ILL DEFINITELY POST :)

    Ya thats the same one I have but the butt stock is gone??
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