Frank's new hunting rifle

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    So... Frank gets a new hunting rifle for his birthday, and he's really excited to try it out. He immediately goes out, and after awhile of wandering around spots a small bear. He quickly raises his rifle and shoots the bear. He gets a silly grin on his face as he admires his kill, but then feels a tap on his shoulder. Behind him is another, much larger bear.

    "Big mistake, son... either I maul you to death, or we have rough sex," it said.

    Frank had no desire to die, so he submitted to the bear, and was sore for a few days afterward. But, he recovered and swore revenge. He went out to the woods, shot the bear that had violated him, and was shouting obscenities at the corpse when he felt another tap on his shoulder.

    "You just don't learn, do you?" Said another bear. "I maul you, or really rough sex. Your choice."

    Frank still wasn't ready to die, so he submitted to this bear, and it took him a couple weeks to recover. Once again, he swore revenge. He went out, tracked down the bear that violated him, shot it, and was kicking the corpse when he felt another tap on his shoulder. Whimpering a bit, he turned around.

    A bear was standing there, shaking its head. "Admit it. You don't come here for the hunting."
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    Got a big grin outa me.

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  4. please dont tell me ghost raven this is a personal experience j'k but it was funny
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    Maybe he was trying to get revenge for the first time by wearing the bear out. No?
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    I doubt I would admit if it was... lol.

    Actually, never been hunting... just like to collect and target shoot. Figure, I live in the city and have too easy of access to grocery stores, I guess.
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    ghost_raven: Sir; most of the time? I figure out where it's going before the ending. Boy? didn't? I get a surprise:09::09::09:
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    Lol that was good...