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Free gun database on your phone

Discussion in 'Off The Reservation' started by 455rocket, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. AK Hunter

    AK Hunter G&G Evangelist

    Then if the Dems get in office they won't be able to look you up on the list to come take your guns away. I have always thought the smaller your digital footprint the better. Nobody but me needs to know how many gun I own & I lie to myself all the time, so who's to know. LOL
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  2. Personally I keep an old fashioned spreadsheet on my PC to track stuff and use it more for Ammo than anything else. I also keep pics for insurance purposes.

    As far as phone apps go I've seen apps for that but wouldn't ever use one as not only do I not trust phone apps in general, but far too many want access to more than what they need, and my PC is more secure than my phone IMO. and if you want more security put it on a stand alone PC without internet or a network connection or maintain things like that only on a flash drive or memory card because physical security is much easier to maintain than any sort of network security.
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  3. Mindy up North

    Mindy up North G&G Evangelist

    I made a spreadsheet for a Friend who wanted to keep track of his reloading supplies. I put in all the usual categories for load data but took it a bit further. I made a few tabs that inventoried his powders by weight and another for his bullets by type. When he made some ammo and entered it in the main sheet, all he had to do was click the drop down menu I put in asking which powder (and the charge weight) as well as how many he loaded. The spreadsheet would then subtract the weight from the master powder sheet. I even had it change color when each type was running low. This was also set up for bullets. Although I didn't add queries, I could make it such that if you wanted to know how many rounds of such and such you wanted to make (at a specific powder charge) it would tell you...but that's for another day. Lol
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