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  1. Wanna learn to live in the Wild, build a fire without matches, tie knots, all that other things you'd like to know?
    Volunteer to help with a Boy Scout Troop. They’re not as ‘in’ as they once were but they’re still around.
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    You also will get to help mold the next generation of this country. You can help them understand camping and conservation. You will be associating with boys open to the idea that Duty, Honor, Country still means something in the United States (and not just at West Point or the other service academies, private military colleges and maritime academies), and why it's still meaningful.

    Where I live, Scouting isn't "in" at all; the 'cool kids' regard it with disdain. But 100 years after it all began, I feel the program, denatured and more touchy-feely compared to what it was in my day, is still relevant to raising boys to have good character.

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    Amen to all the above. While Scouting has changed over the last 30 years, it has changed far, far less than anything else. That is a very good thing in my opinion.
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    Boy Scouting is still a fine tradition!