Freedom of the press vs security.???????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jul 31, 2002.

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    I keep scratching my head over this?? During WWII if you look at the posters (I was not born yet) the Lose Lips sink Ships...and the enemy has big ears posters were very promanit...people kept quiet about milatary operations..movements ect. Contrast that to today were there are more leaks from DC that the Titanic has. It would seem to me that we need to stop telling everyone what we plan to do..when..what the budget is for it and who voted for/aginst the plan. Want to invade Iraq..then it should be a surprise to the public and the enemy. Now people blame the press for reporting it but Ill defend the press on this one...guns dont cause crimes and along those lines the press reports what they are told they dont commit leaks....the leaks are reported because someone called and told a reporter....this to me is so stupid...I attached a political cartoon that drives this point home.

    What do you all thinak about the press/leaks makeing the news???

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    The press is just doing their dirty little job. The ones leaking the news to the medias are the ones who need their tongues chopped off. The media is the media - but these jack azzes leaking the stories out are the problem.

    We have to fight for all our rights - not just the ones we like.

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    I think it could just be a dis-information campaign. Saddam rattles sabres,we rattle back. Anyway,I hope I'm right.
  4. Rock

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    Looks like freedom of the press is on the block now, but that is no big deal the press is just the goverments puppet...
  5. This stuff is being leaked on purpose. I agree with wes we are hoping Saddam Insane will take the treat seriously and back off. Do we think he is that gullible?
  6. I'm in agreement with most of what has been said.

    I, too, believe the military, CIA and spec ops surveillance needs to be kept secret until a decisive blow is dealt.

    I also believe that if someone is leaking information to the news then it's not the news that has violated the trust...rather the one privvy to the information and gave it away.

    Saddam is a dangerous individual who doesn't want to back down. His personality and mental make-up is such that he has to feed his his insatiable blood-thirsty and power hungry ego.

    How many times has he been warned of his activities against even his own people? He has ignored every warning, as I see it.

    "We" need to move in quickly....with reliable surveillance and intell and take this guy, and his chief military staff, out before they can get their fingers on the detonation buttons.
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    I hope he ignores the warning. We could use a good conflict right now. We really need a reason to finish what we started a decade ago. There should be an american flag flying over Bagdad right now.