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    A friend of mine picked up a SVT 40 at a gunshow a couple of weeks ago. The guy he bought it from was a WW2 reinactor who never even shot it.We took it all apart and cleaned it. Its kind of like an SKS on steroids. It wouldn't fire properly the first time out, the trigger wouldn't return after it was fired. I tweeked the trigger return spring and now it works fine. I don't know too much about SVT 40's, any of you guys have one? Anything to look out for? I tryed to upload a few pics but can't get them to load, I'll try again later.
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    Too expensive for me. Heck, I can't even afford the Garand I really want.

    But a semi-auto 7.62X54R sure sounds intriguing.

  3. How far did you dissasemble? Did you go all the way to unscrewing the gas port? Lots of carbon and corrosion can build up there. Also the gas system has 5 settings. Its a pentagon nut. Make sure that is free.
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    The only thing I can confidently say about the SVT 40, is that I would like to acquire one some day. The process has already begun to make available appropriate funds. If he wants to sell it, let me know :D
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    New York
    Colonel, where can you even find one? Scotty at my favorite gun shop says he hasn't seen one for sale in ages, and he has a vast web of gun shop and importer contacts.

    Or are the Russians finally exporting all the ones they took out of service after they ran into reliability issues in the Great Patriotic War?
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    I have not seen any being imported recently. I had heard they weren't being imported. It will be a matter of lucking out on one at a local shop or gun show I am thinking, and hoping for. Or else watching them on GB, but prices are up there, $800-$900 easy and in most cases, over $1000.
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    Finally got pics to upload

    Here are a few pics of the SVT 40. My friend has done some research and has found out this rifle was a Russian Marine Corp. rifle and was an AVT40 that has had its trigger group converted to semi-auto only. It has 2 cut outs for the safety on the bottom of the stock one for semi and the other for auto.
    We shot it yesterday and it is a pretty good shooter. Once we got the front sight drifted in we got a couple of bullseyes with it at 100 yards.I want one.
    As IC pointed out they are pricey.

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    Yep, looks real fine. Nice rifle. I keep saying it, but someday!
  9. A 1942 Tula. Not bad. I love mine. Really fun to shoot.

    One thing to remember about the SVT's is they do use an adjustable gas system.

    This is the small numbered part sticking out near the end of the barrel. So just keep this info in mind.

    Start at 1.1 and work up to reliable extraction and feeding. You should find it at 1.3 or 1.5 Be sure the gas port lines up in the regulator and the muzzle extension key is centered allowing all gas to pass through to the regulator and gas system.

    If you do this then you should have less problems with your rifle. Congrats on the cool new rifle.
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    gas regulator

    you certainly are correct. Mine had a loose gas regulator, a real witch to tighten without correct tool. Found tool made for gas regulator nut. Was jamming before, now works fine.
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    That looks really good! They are great rifles!
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    I LOVE Them! they are one beast to shoot and man are they loud with that muzzle break!! If you are looking do drop some cash on a SVT you should look into the carbine model they made. they are extremely rare but you can find them
  13. jmeck

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    SVT carbine: I've seen pics of 2 proto's but as far as I know and have read they were never produced. Scratched because of too many problems and the advent of the SKS carbine.There is alot of posts about some fakes that have been made and sold. The protos have the gas adj. nut facing up vertically instead horizontal out towards the muzzel.Check out the link below. There are others out there as well.

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