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  1. Howdy,

    On the heels of Gray Davis passing yet another tax payer funded handout in the form of paid family leave for Gubmit workers, there is this little tid bit.....

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    California Assembly Opens Door To Reckless Lawsuits

    Despite the best efforts of NRA members statewide, the California State Assembly voted 27 August to strip lawful firearm manufacturers of their limited statutory immunity from lawsuits. Assembly Bill 496 passed on a vote of 41-33.

    Since 1983, firearm manufacturers have been protected under California law from frivolous lawsuits that attempt to blame them for misuse of their products by criminals. If signed by the Governor, AB 496 will revoke that protection; if that occurs the floodgates will be opened for ridiculous lawsuits that seek to bankrupt American gun companies.

    In passing AB 496, the Assembly chose to ignore a nationwide trend and instead dance to a tune called by greedy trial lawyers and their lobbyists. Only days ago, the North Carolina Legislature enacted the very protections that AB 496 will rescind.

    While Governor Gray Davis (D) voted against the original 1983 law, he has said in the past that he thought California had enacted enough gun legislation during his term as Governor. You can still help by contacting Governor Davis. Remind him of his statement, and tell him that reckless lawsuits do nothing to reduce crime or save lives. You can reach the Governor's office at (916) 445-2841, or e-mail him by clicking Here.
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    Peoples Republik of Kalifornacateu has struck again.

  3. we just don't seem to have the man power here in Kalifornia, but those of us that are here northern, and southern kalifornia, are oranizing, but we need the entire countries help we need that man power if we wish to enact change, if not, lock and load fella's lock and load, because as we've all seen in the past, so goes Kalifornia so goes the rest of the country.
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    I know I am preaching to the choir but this makes about as much sense as suing the auto maker because some drunk used their vehicles to smashes into another car and kill someone; or sue the manufacturers of alcohol for that same reason. What is up with California?
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    What do you expect from Gov. Gray Out - he just passed a law that will make employers pay leave for parents that were not covered by the earlier family leave act another burden on the small business I guess PRK will be loosing employers and we might see some new jobs in the rest of the country