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Frontier house updates

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by SPOCAHP ANAR, May 24, 2002.


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    Looks like our assumptions were correct on guns.

    (taken from the Neal Boortz page)

    The year: 1883
    The Place: The Montana Territory
    The Challenge: Blizzards, hunger, scorching sun, forest fires, the neighbors, and more …
    Three modern families experienced life on the American Frontier.
    If you think you know everything that happened …

    You don’t.

    Wow! Sounds like PBS is going to five us a real good look at life on the American frontier in the late 1800’s, doesn’t it? You take three modern families from Massachusetts, Tennessee, and California. You plunk them down into the wilderness of Montana with only the tools and assets that they would have had access to in 1883. It’s sort of a glorified survivor show. And we all know that it’s going to give us a good, accurate look … don’t we? After all, this is PBS. We’re going to get the real picture there, aren’t we?

    Apparently not.

    One of the participants in the program, Gordon Clune, is spilling the beans on PBS political correctness. It’s about guns. Guns may have been a big part of frontier life in 1883, but they were certainly not going to be a big part of life in the “reality†series. The instructions were … no hunting for meat to feed the family. No shooting at predators .. just fire warning shots to keep Coyotes away from the chickens.

    It looks like reality has its limits. Guns are not PC. So – on PBS at least, try to cover up the reality of guns in the American frontier.
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    I recall seeing one episode where they were setting up their gardens, discussing the fact of scavengers getting their crops. One of the men, Mr. Clune I think, made the remark that if a varmint gts in his crops, the shotgun comes off the wall and he'll blow it's head off. It surprised me that PBS let that statement air. Highly non-PC! Bravo, Mr. Clune.