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  1. I had my money all saved up for a CMP Garand and had only to get my proof of shooting in a CMP match (which I did March 10) and renew my club membership. NOW I found out our club now longer qualifies (this just in the last few days), either as a CMP-related club or to do CMP matches!

    NOW what do I do? I'm going to call CMP and see what gives.
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    i feel your pain!!! its ashame that membership in an approved club is neccessary. if you are a vet you can use acopy of your dd214. but i think the cmp should be open to all interested people. theres alot of good folks who can't or won't go thru the hoops to qualify for something we have paid for all ready with our taxes.

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    I am working my way along the process as well. Can't you just join the Garand Collectors Association. They have a website and it is 20.00 per year. You still have to go shoot a match as a guest.
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    In Indiana it was easy

    In Indiana I joined Indiana State Rifle & Pistol Association.

    Then shot in a Garand match with a great bunch of guys in Brookston. I didn't even have an approved rifle, they lent me one of thiers. - Thanks Steve P.

  5. Frustration update

    My club has reapplied to get affiliated, so don't know how long that will take; I sent in an application to GCA as a back-up.

    However, now, I'm starting to hear the siren song of those CMP '03s coming in. I can only get ONE rifle so I have all that time to try to decide what to do.
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    Yep .

    God Bless
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    I if might ask, which club up in this neck of the woods had the problem?
    Hal Beatty
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    If you're a vet with your DD-214, sign up with the GCA at and for $20, you do not have to shoot a round at any range. I know, I qualified for CMP purchases this way.
    Good luck!
  9. Nope, not a veteran, but I did send off an application to GCA last week - hoping I might from them is a week or two. I found out that the CMP shoot I participated in at the same club is still OK - Orest said so - so as soon as I get the GCA membership card, I'm good to go.