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FS: my huge list of surplus and oddball stuff

Discussion in 'Misc. Trading Post' started by bobski, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. we know the deal right?
    moneys talk. maybes balk! :> :>
  2. anyone else? fyi, i'll be here in mo about 2-3 more weeks, then a lot of this stuff will be back in storage until i return in apr. if ya see something you like, nows the time to step forward.

  3. did that talk go, bubba?
  4. 30-62-63-85.................SPF again!
  5. Well I'm not sure, maybe I'll have to try to catch you next time or right before it hits storage, I just got a nice but of stuff to start casting less and bullets, she's saying I should wait blah blah. She's the one that actually wanted one, so I don't know at the moment
  6. ok, i leave mo soon. after that...april 2018 is the soonest i could send it to you. so for now i'll take it as a no.
  7. fyi, im leaving mo soon. if there is anyone lurking who needs stuff, now would be a good time to ask, because 1/2 of this stuff wont be available until april next year. lmk.