FTX bullets for a 44mag?

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    I bought some .430 265 grain Hornady FTX bullets to use in my SBH 44mag. but when I went to look for load info on Hornady's website I found that they listed the 265 grain bullets for use in the 444 marlin and a 225 grain bullet for the 44mag.
    I'm wondering will the 265 grain bullets work for the 44mag? will they make for too long of a OAL?:dunno:

    They say to use XTP reloading info for use of the FTX bullets. for 240 grain they list the XTP and a flatpoint bullet and a few others. For 265 grain they only list the flatpoint?:thinking:
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  3. DWFan

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    Look at the load data for the 270gr Speer SP found on Hodgdon's website...
    I have read that maximum pressure loads generate enough heat at the barrel gap to melt/deform the polymer tips in the adjacent cylinders. Something you might want to watch for.
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    I have found that Hornady loads their factory ammo in shorter cases than standard length due to the tip on the bullet messing with the OAL. I measured them in their .357 leverevolution ammo and others have noticed the same on the 45-70. You might run into issues with the bullet not seating on the cannullear without being to long.
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    The 45/70 leverevolution is indeed shortened brass.