Full MeTal Jack's 02' Texas Hog

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  1. Halletsville Texas January 2002. I popped this sow at point blank range, 15 ft. Was slowly moving through heavy cover where these things hide. It pays to be quiet. She picked up her head and that was it. Get a rush going in after these animals. Have to do a lot of kneeling and crawling.
    I'm a 6'5" ol white boy. Hog weighed approximately 200 lbs.
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    Hooo weeee! Thats some good ham and bacon!

  3. Sorry Joe, no bacon. Just plenty of sausage.
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    Love that wild hog meat...I'm honored to have seen this one or one like it in a e-mail from FullMetalJack not too long ago.... What'd ya pop it with?
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    now, hack up some of that good TX Mesquite and Q away!
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    That's a good sized hog, don't see many like that coming out of the States, what'd you hit it with?
  7. Usually crawl though the woods with the sks. but this time had my trusty ( ya;ll asked ) 30-06 Savage 110-E using hand loads 165 grain @ 2785 fps, groups 3 all touch @ 100 yrds. Freind of mine turned me on to the 165 grain. Whole lot more collateral damage. Planned on watching clearing in bottom area, but found her on my way there.
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    Down here in florida allot of the guys running hogs let the dogs bay 'em up, then we send two testosterone filled teenagers in to tie them up and pull the dogs off of them. Then raise them out for slaughter or sale to locals. Of course the large black boars fetch a good price for "reserves". I hear this is where corporate America gets its hunting thrills. I like watching the boys wrestle a big bloody hog to the ground, I much rather like the hunt as you did. That is one nice hog, Congrats and many more.
  9. Texas has a lot of ol boys that do the same. Sometime they the ranches go though the woods on four-wheelers and herd them up and exterminate them. Some ranchers have no love for these critters. Most farmers I talked to will tell ya that, but ask to go on their property, WOW. Your not wanted. Thank you Trial Lawyers!