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I used to see a monster whitetail buck within an area of my patrol area and he was huge. I approached my pal and strongly suggested he hunt the buck.

I took him to the spot to scout the animal and we didn't find it. My pal looked around and said he thought the spot was too hard to hunt and he passed on the whole idea because he considered the trees too small to hold a stand.

Shortly after, I talked to a couple of fellas new to the area and told them of the monster buck. I took the fellas to the spot where I viewed the buck on a regular basis. They scouted the area and one of them set up there and quickly harvested said buck.

That buck scored well over 200 and was on the cover of Petersen's Hunting magazine. The buck was #1 or #2 in the nation that year, according to the happy hunter.

Yeah, my pal still kicks himself for passing on that buck!
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