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  1. OK this is true because it happened to me the other day. A few months ago my oldest ask me for a Red Ryder BB Gun, so I found him a 70th Anniversary addition for him to plink with. Last weekend we went to the range and Jon asked if he could bring his RR. Well we already had a trunk full of various firearms to shoot but what the heck.

    While at the rifle range I was getting the Marlin M60 tuned up, the Mossberg .17 HMR and my Mosins. The whole time my oldest is sitting in the stall next to me throwing shiny BB's down range. At the range we went to the targets are usually mounted on cardboard suspended between 2 1x2 firing strips, our target had something like 10 targets stacked on top of each other from other shooters so it was pretty thick.

    We were shooting 50 yards at this time and I was thinking that the lowly Red Ryder would be lucky to even make it to the target. The range master called a cease fire and when the range was cold we went to look at the targets.

    My Mosin groupings were still high and to the right. The .22 was now shooting MOA groups to be proud of. But what was sitting dead center in my Mosin target? A shiny chrome BB! Not just in the black but .25 off dead center! The BB had barely penetrated and was sitting in the target face. I wish I would have taken a picture, Jon's face was a braces filled grin from ear to ear. Here I am all my expensive goodies, scopes etc and a 34.00 lever action pump BB gun does the trick.

    So in the long run it's not what you shoot but how I guess.

    Red Ryder BB gun 34.00
    Box of BB's 9.00
    Range Fee's 20.00 for all of us
    Look on my sons face Priceless

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    wonderful day

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    Stories like that make a father proud.
    This will day will be a great lifetime memory, for both of you.

    Does that Red Rider, have a wood or plastic stock?
  4. Thanks Griz, I know it will.. The Red Ryder comes with WOOD stocks, it's a very nice little plinker. But make sure you get the 70th anniversary edition.
    Here is the link

    I still can't believe he hit that at 50 yards with that gun. I had sighted it in for him in our back yard where he and his little brother have turned every aluminum can in the recycle bin into cheese graters. My poor wife's raised garden beds look like they've been studded by all the BB's stuck in the wood. I guess practice makes perfect.

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