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  1. MoDoc

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    I've haunted a number of forums over the years, but this is the only one I've joined. I had started to question my gun lubing/cleaning routines, as well as the question of "how long is too long to leave magazines loaded?"; there were a couple of ongoing, very civil discussions here on those topics, and the quality of the discussion made me join. Other forums are loaded with know-it-alls who have the only valid opinion on anything. Ugh.
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  2. On the Enfield forum, for example, if you are not an armorer of Enfield Rifles they say you are not qualified to take one apart. If you post any other opinion other than that you will get FLAMED.
    On this forum members will tell you how to take it down and put it back together. Imagine that!
    Yup the friendliest forum for guns.

    We should all work to keep it that way.
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  3. Big Dog

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    Go onto Tuco's Forum and tell them about modding your Mosin-Nagant rifle! They'd hang you if they found you!
    Here you might get some joshing, then examples of our modding! :cool:
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    Is FortyXDM and Jay the same person? Lol
  5. It's a very friendly forum and I really dig that fancy red zebra wallpaper. W0W!!!
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    All I know is that on this forum no one called me a sadistic idiot for not submerging my firearms in oil yearly or filling the barrels with an ammonia solvent after every 100 rounds to clean copper residue. I was an extreme minimalist on cleaning during my first 20 years of shooting, and I've tried to be more of a "general consensus" type of firearm owner during the last 20 years. I can recognize when a magazine is filthy, I can spot a dirty feed ramp, and I understand trigger components need some attention at times. Some firearms need to be cleaner or more lubed to run well than others. I just want to shoot my way.
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    Yes to a point just technically they are a sophisticated AI that Chris and I and a few people behind the scenes have been working on ala Ex Machina although in the robot body of an old man instead of a beautiful girl.
    I thought we programmed you not to lie like that.
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    Sounds like I, Robot may be coming to fruition......o_O
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  10. Jay

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    ... even the best programming can develop bugs...... o_O
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    glad to see eye opening
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    i came here looking for info on a WWII mouser bring back that i got and with in the 1st hand full of threads i was told it was dirty and nasty old gun to sell it LOL. been here ever since i think that was like 2008ish. I have had you folks help me with gun question and reloading stuff. heck i meet a friend on here that invited me to hunt with him and met his family and will still talk to this day. i have even posted pictures of my kids on here a few times.
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    I think it is. At least if you stay away from the political threads :cool::cool:o_O:usa::usa:.

    I've found it very helpful going over some of the old threads. A lot of good info can be found there.