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G1 or G2?

Discussion in 'Thompson' started by trikerider, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. trikerider

    trikerider G&G Newbie

    I just purchased a T/C contender, SS, super 14, 22 hornet. Near as I can tell, must be around 1993 manu. Would this be a G1 or G2? All this is new to me as never owned a T/C before. What barrels will fit it? Do they have to be SS?

    thanks for any help guys. trikerider
  2. Welcome to the Forum! In short order, you will get lots of answers. Meanwhile, check out this site: Details about the similarities and differences in these guns<br>

    In the original Contender, opening and closing the action sets the trigger sear. If the hammer is cocked, then released with thumb pressure to keep it from falling onto the firing pin, the action must be opened and closed again to be able to fire the gun. I mention this because it creates a potential dangerous situation. ONCE THE HAMMER HAS BEEN LOWERED ON A CHAMBERED ROUND, IF THE GUN IS DROPPED AND IT LANDS ON THE HAMMER, IT WILL FIRE! The G2 corrects that problem, in addition, it has a redesign of the action release mechanism to make opening easier (requires less strength).
    As per T/C's advertising, Contender bbls are interchangeable, but sometimes they aren't. It makes no difference between blued or SS.
    Another note: study the hammer. What some folks have mistaken for a safety device is the centerfire/rimfire selector, mounted on the hammer.

  3. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i have an early one that uses a screwdriver to select between rim and centerfire
    no safety
    i called T/C and asked them what the name of the model was and she said it wasnt a G-anything
    just an early contender