G43 picrtures from my poor old Fuji

Discussion in 'Curios and Relics' started by MJ11, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. MJ11

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  2. surgicaltech

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    Nice looking Mauser...

  3. Sarge

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    Nice looking 43, is it all matching?
    Is the mount a Walther? Numbered to the rifle? How is the scope marked?
    Is the bandoleer an original?
    Methinks I've seen this posted somewhere else, but can't remember where.
  4. MJ11

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    Bracket is original and the scope is ddx I think.
  5. Kaybe

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    I don't see any G 43 in the last photo. Am I missing it?
  6. MJ11

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    It's possible you need your eys checked.
  7. gandog56

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    Nope, my eyes locked in that bottom picture right away. Nothing wrong with my eyes.
  8. Palladin8

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    nothing wrong with my eye sight.... my my my. oh by the way nice rifles
  9. MJ11

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    Well I glad our eye test went well.