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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Lenny2, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I am signed up for a Gabe Suarez tactical pistol training course in October. It is a 2 day course. Also I signed up for the 1 day unarmed course following the gun course. Does any one have any opinions on these courses? I read Gabe Suarez's book titled "The Tactical Pistol". The book is a good solid read that makes a lot of sense. That lead me to look for his training. Any opinions are welcomed.
  2. Lenny,

    I've never heard of the course.

    But, where ya gonna shoot it and will it qualify a person for concealled carry?

    Sounds like a good time though...fer sure.

  3. Oxford

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    Lenny2: Sounds like good preparation for LE work.

    FYI, my nephew is the Kansas Highway Patrol marksmanship chief trainer stationed at Salina and is the state's operation 100 sharpshooter. Have you considered enrolling in some of LE's markmanship courses in your state?

  4. Lenny2

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    Dale, it is going to be in Laughlin. No it does not qualify for concealed carry. I already took that coures in Scottsdale.

    Oxford, I have not considered that...Didn't even know it existed...but now that you mention it it might be worth investigating.
  5. Lenny,

    I'll give ya $100 to play '21' at the Flamingo.....we'll split any winnings, lol.

    Have fun dude! ^5.
  6. Lenny2

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    LOL, thanks Dale. ^5