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    Having seen all of the assorted bells and whistles available for the AR family, what are ya'll's votes for the most useful and most useless accessories...
    My friend and I have a game at gunshows where we try to spot the guy with the most stuff on their rifle... I saw a guy a few weeks ago with about a 40 pound CAR-15
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    The most useful on an AR would be a gas piston.

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    Good point Klaus! However, I mounted a Trijicon amber dot optic system, a forward mounted grip (handle), and a Sure Fire forward mounted flashlight with pressure pad. It was great until I quit running with SWAT at my last department! For me though, I think an ambidexterous safety is important because I shoot off of my left shoulder.
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    I also shoot left handed & installed the ambi-safety. Also been thinking about adding the tactical charging handle...any input?
  5. Klaus please explain. Before I reply.
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    All of the M-16/AR-15's well documented reliability problems are due to the direct gas action. The rifles jam because of heavy fouling in the vicinity of the chamber and bolt or blockage, such as condensation, in the gas tube.The DOD had the opportunity to fix the M16. Instead, the bureaucrats made some minor, but expensive patches, and actually had a jam clearing device built into the rifle. A small cylinder with a short stroke piston would have eliminated the problems altogether, at a much lower cost. This was used on the AR-18 and M17 with great success.
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    Today at the range, a member had an AR15 that weighed 25 lbs. The buttstock had a weight and the forearm was weighted. The barrel was a heavy one that stepped up even more under the forearm. Also there was a bipod mounted on the forearm. It was scoped with a rubber coated Tasco that the rings were part of the body.
    He aimed down range at the 375 yard targets and fired the rifle did not move. He would empty a complete 30 rd magazine and continue to ring the steel disc. I believe I will buy some weights for my Colt Competition. It was amazing the consistency.