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    Ok my kid was watching MTV?? when I came home...some rap group was going on and on about getting their "Gack? The Sound of their Gack...smkeing someone with their Gack....
    Ok now I can see a Glock being called a rock or something else that rymes with Glock, but how do they get a Gack out of pistol, firearm, gun?

    Stupid ?? the video they kept pointing guns (sideways of course) at the camra...even while driveing.....
    Soo the ?? is how much would it take ($$$ wise) for you to be the camra man/women for the filming of a veido with a bunch of upstandign types like this pointing their "Gack" at you????

    #3 one song said 16 yep 16 shoots with my 45....ok now I aint never seen a double stacked Hi Cap 45acp..45 Colt I just too old fashion??

    Im not a fan of the music...but I got so frustrated at the vedio that I had to grab me 40 (ounce) bottle of beer, call my homies and chill before I got my Gack and smoked my TV.
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    It gets to a higher level of Whacky every day. I don't care for it. It is funny to think that my parents didn't like me listening to the Rolling Stones and theirs didn't like Elvis. But at least they weren't gang bangi'n.

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    Well, some peopls used to call a handgun a "gat". No idea where that word came from. I have seen Hi Cap .45s, they were made by, para ordinance I think. They looke like 1911s, but had a wider grip to accomodate a double stack magazine. I am fairly certain they only held 12 rounds, though. There are many .45 acp pistols that hold 10 rounds, but they do not look much like 1911s.
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    Hey,they don't know how to hold a gun,what makes you think they can count?
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    yea, i remember how my day hated the beatles, but in his last years he liked their music!!! but generational differences aside i dropped MTV because of such things(used to like it). all the rotten things expressed in this "music" etc goes against my grain. its tough enough keeping my kids on the moral high ground, don't need this lowlife noise too.
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    Klaus, I think i remember seeing that the full size PO .45 has a 14 rounder.(pre-ban of course)
    Doglips, If one had two 1911's loaded 7+1 you come out to 16 rnds, but you didn't quote him as saying " my .45's" so that may not help with the math ether.
    Jerry, Where did you get the pic of the A-10's 30mm gun?
  7. Hey now...I CAN fire 30 rounds of .40 with no problem. I just reload two more clips after the first. I do that SO FAST you don't see, or hear, any time interruption. Yeah, right!!!!! lol

    Half the "gangstas" couldn't fire twice without their baggy shorts or low riding pants filing up with the smelly stuff. They are big in song...big on film...big around their homies but when it comes to your blood or his...most will turn tail and run....yepper....fact.

    I can say is I'm not bred for running...they are...just cowards at heart...yepper. The ONLY way they can be brave is in song or in front of the's the inner self that gets the thing (intestinal fortitude as my DIs would say) done...something they don't have....nope.

    One thing I used to like to tell them was, "Give me one reason to smoke ya. By brother is an undertaker and short on work". It was always over with....they cowered and gave in.
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    The Final Word on Gak and 16 rounds of 45 ACP

    My friend just got a Para Ordnance P14 that had a special 15rd mag. It had a little black box-like extension on the bottom. So 15+1 could feasibly produce 16 rds. Not that those mindless rappers have a clue about specialty Para Ordnance Mags. Though there are 15rd single stack mags for the regular 1911, they just majorly stick out. Oh well. The way they hold their guns, those 16 rounds of 45 won't hit anything, while one of us could shoot him with a single stack 1911 and have 7 rounds to spare.

    Gak is a whole other issue for us gun guys. Nickelodeon Gak is a gooey opaque colorful substance that's somewhere between silly putty and chocolate sauce (no, mixing the two won't make Gak). It was quite the fad among kids back when I was one, but died out pretty soon. Then one day, I learned how to make it in chemistry lab. So I mixed up a batch, formed it into the shape of Pokemon, and videotaped my friends shooting it (before I had my own arsenal). It is quite entertaining to see them explode.

    My friend, who's a history teacher, heard his students jibber jabbering about Pokemon, so he asked them "If you shoot them, do they splatter?" The answer is a definite YES.

    The secret recipe for this substance? Muahahahaha....
  9. Tober

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    Well in the song "Youth of A Nation" By P.O.D. there is a verse, "He showed them all with a sound of a gak" I don't know if it was Gak or Gat....But yes MTV is weird, that and the VH1 stuff, give me History Channel, and Rush Limbaugh on the Radio!
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    Dale,liked your post,got a laugh,funny how they get some common sense when it gets real.
  11. PAPA G

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    dale, like what you said about not being bred for running. reminds me of basic training, you know, have to run every where even if your standing still. well during the first couple weeks not being accustomed to running , while the company was running as usual (called the airborne shuffle) after awhile i would fall out into a brisk walk. with DI's yelling at me to pick up the pace and rejoin the group. well one day i did it and had to report to the !st shirt. when he told me to explain my self i said i thought running was for retreating from the enemy and i'm not retreating!!! gave a little chuckle said he liked my answer, thought i had it made. he dressed my down in typical non-P.C. army lingo of the 60's. then had me spend the next hour double timing around the company hq. saying sgts right i am wrong!!!!!!.:eek:
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    I got that e-mail about the side mounted "Homeboy sights" funny little joke.

    Gak is the sound my ol' ladies cat makes when he has a hairball then I slap his back and that hairball comes shooting out about as accurate as thier gak with Homeboy sights!!
  13. Joe B.

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    I donno, the Hommies are pretty resourceful. I bet they found a way to load 16+ rnds of 9mm into their 10 rnd. 45acp mags.
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    Waaaaayyy back when the Beatles came out with their first hit, I liked most of their music, because it was based in the Classic music made by the Old Masters (Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Bach, etc). It was some of the words that I didn't like because the wording was typical of the Anti-War, Anti-Gun crowds (The words of COWARDS!!!)!

    Give me the old "Popular Music", (The Four Lads, The Inkspots, etc), the old "Country Music" (Hank Williams (Sr), Ernest Tubb, etc), and the old "Western Music" (Sons of the Pioneers, Bob Wills, etc). Yes there is a difference between "Country Music" and "Western Music", just ask any of us OLD Geezers.

    What passes for Country Western Music nowadays is the same music styles as the Rock and Rockabilly music of the time preceeding the Beatles. Elvis Presley (who toured with the Grand Ole Opry, as the up and coming Country Music Star), Buddy Holly, The Drifters were Rock and Rockabilly music.

    I can say that some of the more modern "Rock Music" is OK, I listen to Oldie Moldie Top 40 Hits from the 40's through the 90's most of the time. I can barely tolerate 1 or 2 RAP (Songs? Music?) before I get ready to leave, and if I hear and understand the words, I get upset right away.

    A few years ago one of the neighbor boys set up his Toyota Pickumup with a 500 watt amp, and was driving ALL the neighbors nuts. I wanted to talk to him because he could be heard from 2 blocks away on his way home, and sat in his Pickumup for at least 10 to 15 minutes after he got home. You could see his Pickumup cab bulge each time the speakers went BOOM.

    Well, he gave me the opportunity, cause he was trying to set up a starter motor to drive the hydraulic pump to raise his Pickumup bed (Dump Truck style). He asked me to help, so I set up the wiring and switches, and it worked like he wanted. After that, when he came home you could hear him shut down the BOOM BOOM at least a block from home, and he never did disturb the neighborhood after that. I had forgotten that I was going to talk to him about his BOOM BOOM noise. Good Kid!

  15. Big Dog

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    :D "GAK!" is the sound made by the young homeboy who cracked off a round during "cold range", with people down range, as we jacked him against the wall and took away his "gat". After we read him the riot act, he left the range hastily. Hopefully, he won't be back. "BANG" is not a good thing to hear behind you. Might have caused some gak in various trousers. Thankfully, nobody hurt. ;)
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    And to think that these idiots on MTV are the "hope of the future".
    I carry a Taurus. What would that be in ebonics? A "Tak"? What about a Smith? "Sak"? H&K? "Hak"? A Witness? "Wak"? Beretta? "Bak"?
    How did this crap get started, and who started it?
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    I tried to post a reply much earlier in the thread, but it never made it on 'cuz the system went down.
    I don't know what a gak is but I got a better question. How could you tell what he said?? I heard some of this "hiphop" stuff they call music, and couldn't understand a word of it. Maybe I should start using earplugs when I shoot! Nah, better to use the earplugs when those videos are on and I'm not in charge of the remote.

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    It never amazes me that these people (the liberal mtv pop culture) want to take my guns away but praise the artists for producing such filth that demonstrates what they think I do with my guns.

    Try to get rid of this garbage and they shout first amendment. Remember the first amendment allows you to say what ever you want; BUT IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU THE RIFGHT TO BE HEARD!

    Stupid Punks.
  19. Calvin

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    Couldn't agree more.........
  20. taras

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    FReedom of expression

    Freedom of Expression. Makes a nice little catch phrase, doesn't it? In our Constition we have a similar right (although we actually have any Guarenteed rights anymore), and this right has been used as a succeful defense in child porn.
    A Vancouver man got off scot free for displaying and sending child porn on a web-site as he claimed it was "art" and he had a right to distribute it.
    A Winnipeg took semi-nude pictures of 16-17 yr. girls, for only his own use and viewing, and was charged and convicted. He did not use the freedom defense but clearly stated that a 14 yr. old can legally to have to sex, so why not be photographed?
    I failed to mentioned the Vancouver man was wealthy with high paid attorneys. The Winnipeg man was living in poverty in his Mothers basement. One law for the rich, one for the poor.
    If I was to phone an ex, enemy, creditor, and say iwas gonna shoot them if they ever bothered me I would be convicted of uttering threats. Yet we hear all those cop-killer songs.
    So with this in mind could I call the same person say "If ya bug me I'll shoot you, then I won't feel blue." Then in court say I was not threating any one just reciting poetry?
    If I had the money for the atty. fees I probably would get off.