gangster rap or gangster crap

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tommy, Sep 10, 2002.

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    we don't have real gangs in my area but what we do have is alot of little kids that are trying to be like the (rappers )on the cd's. i have a 7 year old that does not know what a gangster is other then hearing it on a cd.the kids are looking up to these guys because they have nice cars and stereos and stuff like that. now i don't like it one bit that a guy can make what he calls a song to glorify his illegal life style. i mean back in the 80's they banned 2 live crew for cursing. why not put a stop to these guys for spreading the wrong message. if you must rap. Rap about something that is for the good of others . not something that is telling them that crime is profitable and ok to do. to me they should be held accountable for the actions of people who listen to the music. or maybe not any coments .if any one doen't undertsand please ask i will try to be clearer
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    First Amendment. But I think parents should watch what their kids are doing.

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    Where do kids get this from? I know. If you're at an age where you're having children, think of those punk teenagers and realize that their kids are your children's peers. You try to keep such filth away from your kids, while these teenage parents surround them with it. It's bad enough that these people are as screwed up as they are, even worse that they're actually raising children next to yours. What I think is the best thing to do is to equip your kids to stand their ground and stay true to their values as others try to corrupt them.
  4. Rave

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    It's a bad situation and it's getting worse quickly as the beast recruits kids as runners because the law won't slap them so hard the first few times then after that they are expendable.
    The best you can do is be a good example for your kids and when you ask them to do somethink explain to them WHY you are doing it,not just this jive 'cause I'm the parent crap.If you do that,you have just lost them and it is all over!
    Use your Head!!!!!
  5. oneastrix

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    Wow Tommy, we actually agree for the most part on this one. I hate the crap too! I just think that holding a rapper acountable for someone else's actions is the same as suing Ozzy or Judas Priest for a teenage boy taking his own life, or suing Macdonald's because you're fat, or suing Colt Firearm's....for anything. The list is endless, but we basically see eye 2 eye on this one!
  6. Make it three


    I agree with both of you.

    However, like all music, or all Rock N Roll, not all rap is bad, and even not all Gangster raps is bad. Some of it is the "artists" writing from life they see everyday.

    That said, I don't like most rap. I'd rather take the 15 or 20 bucks a CD costs and wipe my backend with it, I'd get more out of it that way.

    Where the kids are being let down is by the parents that do not take an active roll in their childrens lives. If parents took the time to give a sh*t what their kids were doing and worked hard to instill family values insted of trying to be their kids buddies, well then this ol world would be a better place.

    Youngins would think twice about playing that cr#p at 8000 decibels and then hollering what are you looking at when people look at them in disgust. Some of that stuff is nothing more than a stream of obscenities with a borrowed beat.

    (Side note, I am going into hearing aides as they will allbe deaf as a post by age 40!)

    But as was said here, there is the first ammendment. But that does not allow a backbeat so loud that you hear it 7 blocks away.
  7. When I was growing up I heard the same things from my parents about rock and roll and gawd help us if Elvis was shown shaking his hips.

    Then the long haired R&R came around and the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Animals, Dave Clark Five, Hollies, etc. were the devil's tongue.

    Then came along Steppenwolf, Led Zepelin, Moody Blues, etc. and geez....the world was ending.

    Each generation gives their parents something to think about.

    As long as we, as parents, give them a solid HOME education then I say they will know the difference.

    My kids listen to some wierd stuff and they are 24 and 21.

    To me it's country or it's noise.......fer sure.....yepper. LOL
  8. Lenny2

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    Like I said...Generation Gap
  9. oneastrix

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    Dale, my Grandfather swears that the downfall of the country was the Beatles.

    I'm young, but even now I see myself getting a little bit offended by what I see on TV or hear on the radio. Trying to figure out what is right and wrong for your children is tough, but it's monumental as to what they will become.....
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  10. BattleRifleG3

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    If only they spent their $15-20 on ammo, the hundreds they spend on shoes saved towards a decent gun (not just something they thing is cool), and the time and energy they waste towards a safety and proficiency course...
    I tend to think that if these kids were taught to respect guns and actually used them in a safe environment, they'd have a greater appreciation for the power they hold and be less inclined to use them criminally.
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    Rap as a form of poetry or self expression for a good purpose is good. There are rap music that are symbolic to common interest and manifest self expression about a specific topic. However, these days, the both purposes as I have said are defeated by selfish motives and senseless poetry that are found in most gang rap music.

    Music being the medium of their senseless poetry spreads in a rapid global scale and in all walks of life. Though I am far from where you all are, back here adolescent individuals and even kids adopt to this global trend and its really hurting families and relationships.

    GANG RAP IS CRAP!! At least through this forum we know that there are a lot of us against this trend.

  12. Benny

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    There's some bad music out there and the lines between decent music and what is wrong is being blurred. That's the problem, it's getting harder for kids to know what is right and what is wrong. Without a firm grounding of that concept at home no wonder so many kids are lost today. I see it going on all around me. Basic morals, virtues and values are seen as a weakness, or so these rappers say. Tell your kids that by standing up for what is right they'll truely know what tough is. John Wayne tough.

  13. BattleRifleG3

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    I think rap is a very pathetic kind of art that was noticed initially out of sympathy, then stuck it's foot in the door and won't leave. I believe that there are types of music that are aggressive by design, designed to be blasted to the annoyance of others, and I think rap is one of them, as is heavy metal. People have it crammed down their ears and figure if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
    Not that aggressive music is anything new... Look at the bagpipe. Of course it actually plays tunes.
  14. tommy

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    i agree that not all rap is bad . someof them rap about the bad things that happened to them because they was a gag member .i just don't like the ones the praise being a gang member.any one remember that group stryper. it was a cristian heavymetal band.and boy they jammed out. the words lyrics to the songs were all about god.i used to have a tape by them and people that didn't know who they were was jammin to the tunes .now don't get me wrong i like all music but just not the ones who make money raping or singing about thier life as a criminal. they should know that kids will listen to them and want to copy thier life style.even if the kid has no idea what really goes on being a gangster. i think. and i do try to keep it from my kids but it is a losing battle.or at least it look that way .to me if they say society is supressing them. ehy don't they use thier talent to change people for the better. you know like this is what happened to me little brother but it doesn't have to happen to you. but they don't send that message at all.just think if the rappers whould use some of that money they are making to improve thier streets. rather then bring them down further.
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  15. NRAJOE

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    Yo, yo, yo, what up home fries? Gangsta rap be here to stay whether we be likin' it or not G's! All we can do is teach the kids right from wrong and hope they turn out okay! Now peace out! :eek: :D
  16. oneastrix

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    Tommy, I remember Stryper..."To Hell With the Devil" was their big song back in the late eighties....
  17. Rave

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    Well I said my piece,worked with my kid,got a presidential scolarship which paid for colledge and turned out fine. got no responses but that's O.K.,S.O.S.
    Me and mine are cool,you all enjoy.:D :D :D
  18. oneastrix

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    Rave, if you're talking about the post you posted on the first page of this thread, I totally agree with you.
  19. Calvin

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    Rave, good post at the beginning.
    I agree with NRAJoe, but not in such a homeboy way.:rolleyes:
    Teach them and hope they make the right choices is all I can add to the mix (no pun intended!)
  20. NRAJOE

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    What up wit dat Calman? I was jus' givin out much luv and you be dissin' me homes! :rolleyes: :p :D