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    If my barrel reads S-A-4-50, does this mean its a Springfield Armory, April 1950?

    Also, I have a Garand that had a receiver and a barrel that date Feb '43. Only thing is, this one is chambered in .308 (7.62 NATO). How can this be? I thought all the .308s were rebarrels?

    Enlighten me! Please.
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  2. AS... yes, S-A-4-50 indicates Springfield Armory, April, 1950.

    On a 1943-dated barrel chambered in .308, the only thought that comes to mind is that it might be an ex-Navy rifle, converted to that caliber using a chamber bushing. That technique was found to be unsatisfactory, and later conversion indeed used newly-made barrels.


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    Yes this is exactly what you appear to have. The Navy first tried inserts but after some use some of the inserts were falling right out of the barrels so they switched to newly machined barrels chambered in 7.62. I just spoke to Anthony at Orion 7 about these rifles today and that is what he told me about the Navy 7.62 Garand's.
  4. The date on the barrel is the date the barrel is manufactured. You will find them dated after production ceased on M1s. When they go through depot the barrels are changed which is why the date may not jive with the serial number.