Garand for rabbits

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  1. When I was a young feller on the State Guard rifle team they gave me all the ammo I could shoot 1,500 round cases at a time.

    So shooting tin cans got boring after a while so I pulled a few bullets and stuck in some 110 grain hollow points and went tromping over the boonies in central California looking for things to shoot at. When I hit a ground squirrel there was nothing identifiable left and when I hit the rear end of a rabbit headed north it opend him up and laid him out just like a rug. I even took C rats and camped out for days on end enjoying myself. I have saved hundreds of brass that I shot all my life and am selling it off from once fired to decapped, sized, reamed and deburred and some even primed. for list

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    Sounds like a blast,wish i'd been there!

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    Too bad rabbits don't carry guns, eh?