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    Been a while since I've been on here...
    We bought a new house in May and are just now getting Internet.

    Anyway, I was working on some hunting loads for my Garand and came across some Hornady 165gr spire points I would like to use. My Hornady manual doesn't have data for those, but does have data for 168gr BTHP.

    1) Could I use the load data for the 168gr with the 165gr bullets?
    2) Could I also use the same AOL for the cartridges?


    After reading the manual a little more closely (always a good idea), it lists the OAL for the 168gr Garand load as 3.240" and the OAL for a .30-06 Springfield 165gr spire point as 3.230". Since it is and auto-loader rather than a bolt action, how much difference will 0.010" make?
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  2. 1.) yes
    2.) yes

    If it fits in the magazine, the AOL is OK.

  3. Tracer

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    also my speer list's the 168 with 4064/45.0gr start 4895/44.0gr start h380 51.o gr start, as gas operated friendly powders.
  4. jtuck

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    IMR 4895 is what I am using. When I finish the couple pounds of that I have left, I will start loading with the surplus 4895 I bought a while back.
  5. rl69

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    jtuck i have going as far out as 3.340 on AOL but i didn't like it much. it made it difficult to load the clips in the rifle. i have settled at 3.315. but had pretty good groups wit 150 gr hornady interlocks set at 3.274 using 45 gr IMR 4064.
  6. Tracer

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    can't go wrong with any 4895, have fun.
  7. WyrTwister

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    I shoot surplus 4895 . Start low and carefully work up . Each lot of surplus is different . My lot of surplus 4895 seems " hotter " than the commercial powder .

    God bless