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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by Wayne, May 27, 2002.

  1. Wayne

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    Got one for you guys M1Garand No serial # or markings in the usual places . # on the right of receiver ,under the stockD28291 BarrelSA 16535448 Also on barrel up front under wood F53A195 C Did not see the op rod or other numbers What is it? Some import ? Guy has had it for a long time he says Had a bad batch of ammo Blew a case I think It came apart but looks like no damage to the receiver or barrel He wants to get some info to see if it is worth rebuilding Thanks
  2. Stock Doc

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    It is a CAI or other copy and junk if it blew a case. It is a bad aftermarket rifle. There were no original Garands without a tail stamp of serial# and manufacturer. Pass on it especially if he has had problems it is improperly built as many were I can bet. Read on head spacing and get a gauge to check it just for his safety also this may be partly why the case split. Rick B

  3. Wayne

    Wayne G&G Newbie

    Thanks Rick Thought there was something weird about it All the Garands I ever saw had the info on the heel of the receiver. What else could I look for to ID it as a CAI receiver? By the way Do you do any M14 stocks? I have one that fits well on my M1A Scout rifle but it has a crack right in the middle of the stock going from the rear of the receiver towards the butt about 2in long Can it be saved? TY again Wayne
  4. Jeffro

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    I must WARN YOU about sending your stock to Rick (a/k/a StockDoc)!! If it has a crack or flaw in it, you better figure out EXACTLY where the crack is from given reference points on the stock, or you will NEVER be able to find the repair after Rick is through with it!!!!! He is THAT good!!!! Believe me, I have sent him a number of stocks, and he is not a stock refinisher, but a magician. He is the best I have ever seen.
    Besides that, he is honorable and LOVES the old American Military Rifles. He treats them with the respect that one would treat an old soldier. Needless tp say, I hold Rick and his work in the highest esteem. I will vouch for Rick without equivocation.
    Happy Trails and Safe Shootin',
    Jeffro (Jeff) :nod: :nod: :nod:
  5. I just sent rick the furniture of my HRA, and then I'm gonna send him the stocks to four '03A3 Springfields.
  6. Stock Doc

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    Thanks guys you put me to high but as long as you are happy I am. Heck I still remember scaring Jeffro with the photo's of the exploded stock saying it was his hehehehehehehe.
    Yes Wayne I do M14 stocks and even put a wood fill-in for selector switch if wanted for a a few extra bucks. Email me if you want all the info and some photo's. Thanks,,Rick