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I was thinking about getting a 270 barrel from Fultons and putting it on a Parkerized rcvr from the CMP with other parts I have laying around.
Anyone do it or have seen it shoot ?
Are there special things to lookout for or specialized parts other than modifying a bullet guide?


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A .270 Win Garand should work fine, as long as the gas port is the right size. I'd assume Fulton has done enough of these to know how to get it right.

Have you barreled a Garand before??

Do you have all the right equipment for the job?? It is NOT something you can do with just your Craftman tool set.

Required items to re-barrel a Garand:

Receiver wrench
Barrel blocks
Headspace gauges (Go & No-Go)

For a new, short chambered barrel (such as the Fulton .270) you'll need:

Pull through reamer of the right caliber

The total tag for all these nice specialty tools is up around $300 +, unless you knnow somebody who already owns them and is willing to let you borrow them.

good luck,

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