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Garand Problem

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Maybe someone can tell me the proper way to correct a problem I'm having. When I fire a round the latch on the trigger guard disengages and the trigger and lock assembly drops out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Where the notch is on the trigger guard appears to fit tight. When fired, the guard disengauges and drops down letting the whole assembly fall out. It happens with live rounds and also with blanks when using a blank adapter.
I'm thinking the guard is worn where it locks. Anyone else?
The problem you describe has two possible causes and two possible solutions.

One, your trigger guard's catch is worn and fails to lock tightly into the housing. The solution here is to switch to a post-war stamped guard with the stamped tab and make sure it locks up tight. The stamped tab is easily bent to achieve the desired tension.

The other problem is the compression of the stock wood at the trigger housing's baseplate pads which prevents tight lockup. If you've ever seen a Danish stock you'll often note the plastic shims they've used to "reclaim" a loose fitting stock. You can shim the bottom of the stock with thin strips of a compressible wood like balsa that will allow the trigger housing to recover some of it's bite. The trigger guard should start to engage near the tip of the trigger.

Work on these two areas and I'll be very surprised if you have any reoccurrance of the groups departure.
Had the same problem with my 424XXXX Springfeild trigger assembly. I would fire a couple of rounds and the same thing would happen, it is kind of embarrassing standing on the firing line when this happens. Well anyways I checked the tab and the lock to see if they were worn. But were fine, and the fit into the stock was tight with no receiver movement. And tried it in two different rifles to the same effect. Well my guard was milled not stamped, and checked it out compared to other milled guards and found that this guard dident curve as much as the others. My solution was to squeeze the guard in my hands to close the gap slightly between the front of the guard and the lock( with the guard open not locked) and test fired. Problem solved, and have not had a problem since. That was a few years ago. Give that a shot if you have no signs of worn parts on you trigger assembly.
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