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Garand Problems

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I just had my Garand out today, and I'm having a problem I've never had before. Every couple of rounds or so, it chambers the round, but the hammer isn't cocked when I pull the trigger or I get what appears to be a short stroke. I've never had this problem before, and I didn't change the ammo or do anything differently. (150gr American Eagle) Any ideas?
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oddbawl, If it is short strokeing The first thing I would check is the gas system make sure the gas port from the barrel is not pluged up by carbon... :assult:
I had basically the same problem with my first SA Garand except that it consistently failed after firing the first round. Gas port was clear... Turns out the Gas cylinder was worn. The CMP sent me a new one free of charge within two days of reporting my problem to them.
Good luck with your issue.

Dave T
I guess I should have take a good look at everything before posting, the gas plug was loose! Would this still account for the hammer not cocking though?
oddbawl, yes,with the plug loose the rifle was short strokeing and the sear could not engage the hammer. You can remove the trigger houseing and check the hammer and trigger to make sure everything is OK but I think you found the problem.
The hammer is cocked in the first half of the rearward bolt travel. If your bolt is picking up the next round, then you are NOT "short stroking"
For some reason your sear is not engaging or staying engaged.
Sometimes the problem is with the shooter and his pressure on the trigger. Let someone else shoot it and see if the problem goes away.
That's the thing... sometimes it short stroked, other times it just didn't grab the hammer. I think I have the short stroke sorted out, and I cleaned up the sear and hammer assembly; I hope this solves my other problem. I'm going to the range tomorrow, I'll let you know what happens.
I had my m1 out at the range again, with the same problem- every couple of shots, the rifle would chamber a round but the hammer wasn't cocked. I changed out the bolt, and now it works flawlessly. Anybody have some ideas as to what's wrong with the other bolt? It looks ok to me...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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