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No M1 wood was harmed filming this picture.

Kate's new dress was too hot. So I vented it for her.

I noticed over the weekend, all these dang M-14s running about the gun show.

Oh the way home brain cell number 5 started to flecker.

I've been reading on cold zeroing, and waiting between rounds for your barrel to cool.

Well after 87 rounds (over 4 hours) last time out, Kate was as hot as Georgia Asfault in July. I had to wait 10 minutes just so I could close my foam filled hard case.

These mid thigh slits should do the trick :)


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You need a water cooling jacket next like the 1917 or Maxim hehehehe. This was already done if you look at Scott Duff's site you will see he has a original for sale but I wont tell you the story you will have to go and read hehehehe. Rick B
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