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Took the Garand to the range Sunday for it's first run. The main intention was a function check. While there, I tried to get a good grouping for Phaoc's G&G shooti'n contest.

Function was 100% except for the one malfunction on my part. The top round in the en bloc was raised a hair. When the bolt went into battery, the nose of the projectile jambed up just above the chamber area. That was a booger to get out :eek:

I zeroed the rifle 10 clicks up on elevation and dead center windage (wind was directly behind me) not that 100 yards would have been a big deal. I fired the first round into the berm at a fixed point. It seemed just a tad low so I took it 2 more clicks for 12. I remember hearing somewhere that 12 clicks was a good start for zero at 100 yards. Should have gone there first.

The first target was a group of 3. One in the bull, one above & one below. Vertically strung. Ok boy, work on the breathing! I shot 3 more groups. They pulled in nicer now except for one Where it looks like I shot it with 00buck. My sloppy marksmanship again. I didn't sweat it as it's the first time I shot the gun.

I settled on one target. The grouping was no more than 2.5" from center of bull, slightly right. The "Bull" square is 2x2" on a standard sheet of paper. This was on in red. I only had a B&W printer so It came out dark gray. Needless to say, it was challenging to see :eek: I pretty much stuck the front site on the middle of the paper & squeezed.

I measured a 2 5/8" group with one flyer opening it up to 5.5" This ticked me off, because I had a flyer pretty much every target. Again, my fault, not the gun. Overall, I'm very happy. I don't wear glasses yet, but I'm working with 39 year old eyes and a a 62 year old gun. The barrel BTW is stamped 1944.

The last few rounds of the 40 I took were chalked up to play time. There was one other guy on the range shooting his new 223 bolt gun. There was a 1/8~1/4" steel plate at the 125 yard mark. He told me to shoot at it if I wanted. I took a few cracks at it, he did. The 06 burned holes in it, as expected. The 223 left glancing dents. I'll give the 223 it's credit though, he was using polymer tipped projectiles.

The LC ammo I used seemed pretty consistent. It was not very dirty, & functioned well.

As a bonus, someone left a couple of boxes of .308 brass on the ground. Rounded out the day nicely. :D I got home, sat in the recliner with the gun on my lap and fell asleep for an hour. Life is good. :cheer:

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Glad to see you enjoy'd it. Neat to here you fell asleep with it in your hands. It is something to think the second world war was one in large part due to that rifle isnt it? Watch it there like Lays potato chips :insane: . Rick B
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