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you basically have a piece of walnut, and while refinishing you would handle like a piece of furniture.

you can go to your local hardware store and pick-up everything you need, you will need----- stripper, fine sandpaper, wood fill, and I use TUNG-OIL for that fine water proof finish.
If any large chuncks are missing from the profile of the stock you will have to splice them in and recontour.
good luck and enjoy

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If it isn't to bad you can fill the holes with a mix of Gorilla Glue and Walnut dust. I mix it till it is thick but first put a smidgen of the glue in the hole then push the paste I made in and let dry. It will be hard as a rock by morning and then you can sand to shape.
Now if it needs wood replacement you can razor a square carefully then chisel it out. Now you use a belt sander if possible to taper all four sides of a chunk of Walnut to size of repair and set it in the spot. You sand a bit more and check repeating until it is a snug fit. Glue it in place with Gorilla Glue and clamp over night. It isn't a cake walk unless you have worked with wood allot. To me it is very simple now from years of practice. Worst thing is if you slip and make the repair larger or cut yourself so be careful. The stock's below had to be done without removing the original finish. Rick B
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