Gas is liquid gold!

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    News Paper says the gas thieves are putting in overtime. Across the country, Detroit,Florida,Denver,Bethesda,Md.,Shreveport,La., not only gas but old cooking oil from Berkeley Cali. to Sedgwick,Kansas. From siphoning,cutting fuel lines to drilling holes in the fuel tanks on SUV's and trucks. Private cars, rentals,U-Hauls,Budget and storage tanks and R.V's. Get ready boys because it's starting and only going to get worst! And I forgot the drive off's with out paying.


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    Once it hit $2.50 a gallon went right out and bought a sturdy locking gas cap!
  3. I guess I need to get me a little dog to wake me up in case somebody wants to steal my gas.
    Or put a motion light in the carport.
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    They would have fun trying to steal gas from me, Im always on empty with that annoying light on!
  5. The one that cracked me up was the story of the guy trying to syphon gas from an RV and inadvertantly put his hose into the sewage tank !!!
    I'm sure any of you who have ever sucked on a hose to syphon gas knows how difficult it can be to stop sucking at the right time!!