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  1. How are you all set up for gas masks and filters ?
    alot of people think that if you own a gas mask you must be a bit paranoid. just ask them what they intend to do if thay happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and the local law enforcement is trying to control full blown riot, or the off chance of a terrorist bio or chem attack or hell even an industrial accident...
    I have U.S. and Israeli masks with Nato (bio / chem / nuke) filters.
    enough masks in the house for the family and a couple guests and I have one in my truck :) tucked in with the body armor. I know it sounds paranoid but it's just like your gun, if you need it- you are gonna need it really bad, it could save your life. put it like this- you cant drive to your hide in the country if you cant see or breath , and your gun aint gonna help either. it's an important part of your kit.
  2. I have 2, with a spare nato filter for each. I need to get some more filters... how long do those filters last to exposer?

  3. the life of the filter depends on what and howmuch gas you are breathing and the age of the filter can play a big roll too. if you are outside you usually have a longer filter life, with some models it hours or days, if you try to hold up inside and the level of gas keeps going up , you can use up a filter in a couple minutes.
  4. So it would seem, unless you have a readily available supply of filters, after a while it's like not having one anyways then.
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    Maybe if you know you were going to be exposed it would give you a chance to escape to a safer area
  6. GlockMeister , the idea is to have enough to get to a safe area , but yes you are right if everywhere within your travel distance was contaminated then when your filters fill up, it's oh crap time
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    I have 1 Israeli civilian mask (just filter, eye lenses, and exhale hole, but the straps are quick-release and quick-tighten) with 2 unopened Chem filters in my car (enough to get me home or away from the bad area) and one US military mask (filter, LARGE eye lens, water tube, exhale port, and location for optional speaker diaphragm, but the straps are just elastic) in my room at home with an extra Bio/Chem unopened filter. The US one came with a nice OD carrying pouch, too.

    Ya never know when you are faced with your house burning or a fire where ever you may be. The majority of fire deaths aren't caused by burning... they're caused by suffocation from the smoke and fumes. Buy a cheap gas mask... save your life.
  8. I need a new one my straps have dry rotted. I have an Israeli mask similar to the M-15 but the filter is on the side instead of the front. Any idea where I can get a replacement? Don't forget JAC you need O2 so low crawl out.
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    Yup, just like they taught us in grade school. Hands and knees, kids!
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    who would you guys recomend as a good source for purchaseing some masks?
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    [ame=] Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask w/ Nato Filter: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]
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    Why do you suppose the russian is so much cheaper? Do you think its of lesser quality? or different filtration? I think I need to research this a bit more so i understand.......
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    The Russian Mask is a rubber kind of slide-over hat that goes over your face. When not in use, it lies flat, like a halloween mask.

    The Israeli Mask is more like a Helmet. When not in use, most of it's shape remains the same as when you wear it.

    Look at the difference in the sight ability. Higher peripheral vision in the Israeli Mask.

    Look at the pictures, you can see the differences.
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    Abiliy to survive and operate.

    This is avialable on the web. Nothing classified. Info is slightly dated, but stil usefull. Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Your mask is useless if you do not have it on your person.

    sorry to ruin the party
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    I have two Israeli mask with several spare filters also have a russian mask that I use when I am painting or something else I should use a gas mask for LOL