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  1. billy

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    why did the price of gas in my town go down 22 cents a gallon overnight?
  2. CrazyIvan

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    It is called "conditioning"

    They are conditioning you so that $3.50 won't sound so bad. That is what they do.

    It will go up to $'ll be pissed. Then it will go up to $4.00 and you will be even more pissed. Then it will back down to $3.50 again and it will seem like heaven.

    Then after a while they will jack it up to $4.00 again, you will be pissed. Then it will go up to $4.50, you will be even more pissed. Then they will drop it to $4.00 again, and it will seem like heaven.

    It is a continuous cycle upwards.

  3. Troy

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    i can buy that. it's what happened to us. we were at 60 cents a litre years ago. big jump, short drop, big jump, short drop. next thing you know, we're considering it like winning the lotto if we ever see a dollar a litre again.
  4. jackar

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    I've been wondering for years when this was going to happen. It's so simple. You produce a product at X number of dollars and receive a 8% return as profit after manufacturing costs, transportation, advertising etc. The more you produce the more 8% profit you make. Why not create a shortage of the product (if it is something essential) and let the market react with a huge increase in price, giving you not only more profit in sales but less manufacturing and transportation costs since you're only producing half as much? Someone in the news said that not one new refinery has been built in 30 years. I think like someone said, "the United States is at the awkward age. it's too late to start working within the system, and too early to just start shooting the bastards."
  5. rondog

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    It's also the first big holiday weekend of the summer, and they want to get folks on the roads, going places and spending money. Lower gas prices help to entice this.
  6. roadie

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    Actually you're imagining the whole's actually 22 cents higher.
  7. My dad who works for a smal oil company of sorts said that gas actually went down a few dollars a barrel. So maybe thats why it went down? My dads company is kind of weird they dont buy fule to sell or make it them selves beyond a E85 plant they built. From what I under stand shipping companies and gas stations pay them to buy gas today then hold it in big tanks for 6 months to like ayear and a half. So when the companies need the gas they have it and have it cheaper then anyone else or something like that.
  8. jerry

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    some one did crack before posting the new numbers?
  9. Big Dog

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    No drop in prices here. They all went UP from eight to fifteen cents a gallon over the last three days.
    Sometimes, the PTB will drop prices a little bit just before the vacation season - get the sheeple to commit to their driving plans. THEN....
    Hit them hard on the last day of vacation when they are returning. This is when we'll see the prices jump thirty cents in a week or two.
    Several gas stations hereabouts have gone under - few are bought and returned to use.
    Truckers are being hit really hard - especially the small independents - watch for a big jump in food prices - the recent rice and grain shortages will be as nothing.
    Your power costs will skyrocket - my Electric company has their plant less than a half mile from my house - it's oil-fueled. This summer is gonna be a rough one! We'll be rationing our use of AC.
    I've pretty much shelved any thoughts of getting my old four-by-four truck roadable again - ten MPG just doesn't thrill me.
  10. TexasT

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    Went up about 20 cents overnight. If the price of a barrel goes up 20 cents, I don't expect my gas prices to go up 20 cents on the individual level...just doesn't make sense.
  11. Today regular was $4.199 and diesel was $4.799; Northwest Litchfield County Connecticut
  12. TXplt

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    Gas prices trend base stock, but won't follow it exactly. Inventory, refining capacity (for a particular kind of gasoline--there are several different variants), your region's particular blend are all factors. So is what others are charged the day of delivery.

    Local demand can also be a player.
  13. neophyte

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    Went up here to.
  14. Brother Bob

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    I saw $3.859 today in the Memphis area. I'm going to Oklahoma tomorrow for a week. It will probably be $4.00 by the time I get back.
  15. Chris

    Chris G&G Evangelist Staff Member Forum Contributor

    3.90 a gallon here.
  16. Turbo

    Turbo Guest

    3.88 for reg here. 3.91 on base. When 93 went to 4 a gallon we had half a dozen stations close because their old pumps couldn't register that high. We need to start drilling in ANWAR, ND, and off the coast in our gulf.
  17. TexasT

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    $3.74 here for regular. I'm immune to seeing the other prices. I can't even bring my eyes to look at it.
  18. Turbo

    Turbo Guest

    Well this is really going to hurt ya then.

    Egypt Cairo $0.65
    Nigeria Lagos $0.38
    Venezuela Caracas $0.12
  19. $4.15 here. Never go by what the road sign prices are. Always go by what the pump says. I pulled into a station because the sign was one of the only ones I saw still under $4.00 and when I pulled in the pump said $4.07... They hadn't gotten around to changing the sign yet is what I was told when I "complained". But I know dam well they did it on purpose to get people to pull into the station hoping they'd say, o'well I'm here may as well just get it...