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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by w.gilbert, May 23, 2002.

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    i have a century l1a1.what should the gas regulator be set at?thanks!!!:assult:
  2. Typically, FALs should operate with milspec ammo at around the 4-5 setting. THis is a general statement, however, and some are different. My collection runs between 3 and 6, but I have no inch pattern rifles. Barrel length will affect the setting, too.

  3. Have you joined the Derby FALers yet? They are an addiction, er, FAL support group in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. I hear that they have access to barrells of Old Forester, too.
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    A century L1 with the standard 2 piece gas piston may not even work with the regulator fully closed! If you haven't already done it spend the money for a good 1 piece piston (I prefer DSA) THEN you can operate a a standard 4 to 5 setting. OK, some of the Century 2 piece pistons are bent or mis aligned less than others. I heard of people getting a few hundred to a thousand rounds through before they bent past usefulness. I've also seen them that wouldn't function out of the box. I think Phil will back me up on that one.