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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Aug 7, 2002.

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    I were putting the Arab Juice in the car...wineing about the price...and noticed a Sticker the Store had placed on the said that 38 cents per gallon of the price was taxes...federal state local. The sticker looked kinda old soo Im sure the goverment is getting more $$ from us...I never thought about it...Makes you think about how much we payout to the govement with out even thinking.... just food for thought.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I was talking about this with the wife yesterday. Was out driving around in the brown bomb and stopped for gas. Got 87 octane for a $1.18 a gallon and realized that gas would only be 78 cents a gallon right now if it wasn't for the tax (Ohio is 40 cents a gal.) I can see 5 or 6 cents a gallon but more than that is purely raping us motorists without giving us a kiss!

  3. i shudder to think how bad i'm being reamed at the pump here in PRK, unlike a lot of states we don't get the luxury of seeing how bad we're being raped.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    You mean they don't even post how much their taking? Ours is on the pumps, state law!
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    Well usually all tax will be around 40 cents per gallon, unless the state has a law that you can not pump your own gas, then it can go up....
  6. 1.18 well thats high. Ours 1.27 to 1.39. Hey let's outlaw vehicles. Or get a free jar of vas. with a 50 dollar purchase.
  7. nope we don't even get the sticker, my theory is this, people here in Kalifornia love their cars, it's a major status thing here, and those in charge don't want the sheeple to know who's behind the price of their gas, lest they grow a brain and vote out the jerk keeping the gas taxes up.
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    8MM Found this site...hope it helps...dont appear that they porking you anymore than the other states.

    Federal and California Transportation Fuel Tax Rates for 2000
    In Cents per Gallon
    (Amounts do not include state and local sales taxes.)

    Federal and California Fuel Excise Taxes On Gasoline Since 1990
    (Current as of April 2000)

    36.3¢ per gallon
  9. well that's not as bad as the other states, in fact that's not as bad as i thought, but when we're paying $1.43 for the cheap stuff some thing's wrong!.
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    Actually it went down to a $1.15 today for 87 octane here in Oh.
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    Dont you all have to use that "refomulated" stuff IN PRK? Most of use use plain old gasoline not the low smog stuff...may be the reason for the price diffrence....also could be taxes not shown...
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    A couple of years ago I went to Oman. I thought, boy, these rag heads are going to be on the gas gravy train. Wrong. After calculating the liter to gallan price it was = or more. & this is where they suck the crap from the ground. We will suck the world dry of THEIR recources before using ours up. (as it should be) go 'head ltcboy tell 'em the price of Chicago gas!
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    Is Toledo ohio somewhere near Saudi Arabia - a buck fifteen, for the love of grapes joe you need to store up, a buck 39 to 54 depending on your mood around here. Good for you folks!!!
  14. Yeah we have all sorts of crap added to our gas, they're supposed to be taking one of 'em out soon cause they found out it does more harm then good, ebta, mbta, some thing like that, not sure of the replacment additive yet, not too mention they swich from that stuff anyway in summer to plain old ether for some long forgotten BS reason.

  15. Calvin

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    Joe, gas is $1.35 here. Cheapest I found it was $1.29. Plus, I heard that they are doing away with the stupid E-check here next year. I haven't had tags in this county since I've lived here for that reason alone. They charge you $25 for it, and I am not gonna pay them to keep my car a whole day to hook up one of those sniffers. Half of the people who work at the E-check station have tags from other counties themselves. Matter of fact, one guy has been there for 5 years and he has Lucas county tags. Hypocrites one and all........
  16. NRAJOE

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    We are lucky so far, no e checks yet! Came close a couple times in the past on o-zone action days though!
  17. 25.00 Try up to 40.00 for a dynamometer test for 1995 and older.
  18. Doglips

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    My part of Florida dont do the E-check (Actualy took a few min to figure out what you all ment) we got rid of "inspection" safty..breaks, tires lights ect stations in the late 1980s ish. Course we got some real junkers on the roads. I rember when Gas prices spiked there was something about "Reformulatd" or "Oxygenized" gasloline that some states use and only 1 or 2 refineries make it.
  19. NRAJOE

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    Some day it will all be reformulated no matter where your at.
  20. NRAJOE

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    Our gas jumped from $1.17 a gal yesterday to $1.38 over night, no explaination or anything. Just the usual weekend gouging beginning! :mad: