GEG AKK 45 front sight

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    Designed by the Physics-deprived...Any object motion tends to stay in if that object is mounted in a slot along the axis of motion, the object will retain its momentum and KEEP going, right over the shooter's ear as he fires his FEG .45

    Why in the Hell didnt they cut a dovetail perpendicular to the axis of motin to permit front sight adjustment and RETENTION of position during real-life firing? What IDJITS they have at Fegyar!

    I lost the replacement sight installed by FEG's local importer with the FIRST doubletap...

    REALLY STUPID DESIGN flaw..I recommend this QUITE accurate gun, NOT!

    Please offer your repair advice to offer a local smith
    (is there enough MEAT in the slide to permit a milled dovetail?)

    (Would you consider JB-weld?)

    (Or silver solder?)