George and Laura Bush Surprise Returning Troops

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    The Boy Scouts that were ignored by the poser in the White House would have been thrilled if George and Laura had shown up at their jamboree.

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    If I was a Republican Candidate for President , I would be everywhere that Obama wasnt...
  4. Mmmm,

    I feel like projectile vomiting.

    But, if those involved get something out of it then good for them.
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    What was it that he was handing each of them?
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    You can say what you want but he did show up for our troops. I would have to be ORDERED to stand and have my picture taken with the Clown we have now as a Commander-in-Chump..... I would have been honored to have stood with Dubya and had my picture taken in uniform with him.... It would be on my wall in my office for all to see....
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    Regardless of your political affiliation, you have to admire the fact that he showed up !!
  8. Mmmmm,

    Bush2 shows up now that he is not president to greet physically and presumably mentally healthy returning soldiers.

    Bush2 seems never to have shown up when he was president, never seems to have gone to the funeral of someone he sent into combat, never contributed to organizations to help the vet when he was president, and forbade photos of dead soldiers/flag draped coffins even if the person inside was not identified.

    Well, there is nothing like avoiding the reality of what you created.
    I think of the famous incident wherein Adolph Hitler closed the curtains on his railroad car so as not to look at the wounded and maimed soldiers in a railroad car on an adjacent track.
  9. grizcty

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    ^^ What a load of hogwash!^^

    #1) President Bush, publicly addressed this issue.
    When the Liberal media.
    Was EXPLOITING every casualty & death.

    He stated the following:

    "Because which funeral do you go to? In my judgment, I think if I go to one I should go to all.
    How do you honor one person but not another?" he said."

    He went on to say.
    He thought the appropriate way to express his appreciation, to the family members of fallen troops. Was to meet with them in private.

    He continued this practice, till the end of his term.
    And continues to meet returning troops.

    #2 ) Military dead being photographed.

    There was a almost a 20 year ban.
    On the media, taking pictures of returning dead soldiers.

    Till Obummer lifted it.
    So he could make a BIG photo op, and teleprompter speech.
    With him at Dover AFB, saluting a returning dead soldier!

    As a Soldier, I respect President Bush.

    But I do NOT respect.
    The current RESIDENT freeloaders, in the White House!
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  10. White Rook

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    I have a daughter on active duty. If something happened to her I sure as hell wouldn't want Obama at her funeral....
  11. Cyrano

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    New York
    Curious George is absolutely right about both not going to every funeral of every returned KIA, and of greeting the returnees now that he's plain ol' Mister George W. Bush instead of President G.W. Bush.

    I noticed only one Secret Service agent watching the crowd, though I'm sure there were plenty more; and the agent seemed relaxed. I suppose he figured Curious George was as safe in DFW's International Arrivals area as he can be anyplace in public, especially since he was surrounded by US soldiers and Marines (there was at least one Marine, a corporal, in the group he welcomed back). And I'm pleased he decided to go welcome them home with no publicity and no fanfare.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that if the Obamination had dared to try the same thing, there would have been security out the wazoo disrupting the proceedings since it would be all about HIM, not the troops. And besides, some of the troops would probably have walked right past him and ignored his outstretched hand. Can't have THAT going out on the TV!

    Dubya's not the smartest man around, but he showed his heart was surely in the right place when he arrived to welcome the troops he sent off to war back home.
  12. Hi Gritzy

    Obviously, you have your opinion of Bush2 and I have my opinion.
    I respect the views of others but my opinion remains unchanged.
  13. toolman

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    Ya know, I just spent 20 mins. finding numerous articles showing GWB visiting with returning and\or wounded troops, even making a trip to Iraq for Thanksgiving with them. Then I realized that no matter what he did or didn't do, people have their minds made up about him. I don't agree with everything that he did, but then again, I wasn't the one tasked with steering the ship and trying to please untold millions of people around the world. I respect the enormity of the job and I believe that he did what he felt needed to be done based on the information he had to work with.
  14. MosinRuger

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    Now thats how a President should act! That's the way we should treat the people that fight for our country, not promoting some mosque on the very site that we were attacked.

    Ever seen the billboard "Miss me yet?"

    I sure do, id take that man over the current imposter anyday.
  15. Bigfoot

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    I respect the man for greeting the returning troops. Thats an act of patriotism and respect that he didn't have to do. Can't say i was crazy about some of the things he did, but the man always represented America proudly.
  16. Mmmm,

    it is obvious we, as a forum, share widely differing views of Bush2.

    I can respect the differing views of others.

    As for me, I still await the photos of Bush2 greeting the physically maimed soldier returning, being in the hospital psych wards comforting those who will never heal, standing on the GPS coordinates of one square ft. of truly secure ground in either Iraq or Afghanistan after eight years of fighting,
    attending a funeral for a twenty year old dead in combat, etc.

    That is what I personally feel a real leader would do.

    Again, I do respect the other members and their differing views.
  17. Cyrano

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    Well, he's visited the recuperating soldiers, though I don't know if he has spent any time visiting the NP wards. I suspect the answer to that one is no; his security detail probably would not allow it.

    As far as attending the funeral of a 20 year old KIA in combat whose unit Bush ordered to the war zone, NOW he could attend such a funeral. As President, he could not even if he wanted to, unless it was as a friend of the family and not as the Commander-in-Chief. Being the President is not just about the day to day work involved in running the government. It is also about setting precedents. If Curious George had decided to go to the funeral of a serviceman he did not personally know in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief, he would have been obligated to go to EVERY funeral of EVERY serviceman KIA in what some called "Bush's War." He'd have set the precedent and would have had to make each funeral no matter how much it disrupted his schedule. The President can't afford that kind of disruption in his daily work time.

    Bush understood that. Not everyone does. There are precedents you don't want to set. As it is, he has to live with the consequences of setting the precedent it's okay for the United States to wage preemptive war (i.e., we initiate the first attack), which in our entire national history we had not done before he attacked Iraq. That is something upon which history is going to judge him. Even historians who support what he did are not going to be kind to him over setting that precedent.