Gerber Profile II fixed blade review

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  1. I was looking through my new Cabela' fall master catalog when I spotted the photo of the "new" (to me anyway) Gerber Profile II fixed blade knife. They have it priced at $24.95. I ran a google search and found out that walley world is had them for $19.95. I hate going anywhere near walley world but five bucks plus the shipping charge is money saved. Every man has his weakness and mine is the inability to pass up on a knife that peeks my curiousity, especially if it is inexpensive.

    The blade is four inches long with a full length false edge on top and is very close to razor sharp right out of the box. The blade is coated with a non reflective corrosion resistant material. The tang has a non slip semi soft rubber handle. The tang is a uniform 1/16 of a inch taller than the rubber handle, it's hard to tell when you grip the handle. I have a medium/large hand, and the handle doesn't quite fit my hand comfortably. The knife seems to be well balanced. Other than the Gerber logo there are no other marking on the blade or handle. I have no idea where this knife was made.

    The sheath is made out of heavy cordora material with no plastic insert. The belt loop will handle a belt up to three inches in size. The cordora is a good heavy weight material and the inner belt loop portion has a rubbery lining that will be againist the belt.

    I have not yet had a chance to use the knife or put any wear or tear on the sheath. So it's long term suitability as a "in the field sheath knife" is not known.

    The knife could be a little better but considering that I only paid $19.95 for it I am not disappointed with it.
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    Especially for the price it sounds like a good buy to me.

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    Shoot !! For $20 each you could buy 2 and beat them crazy !!
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    I picked up one of these from wally world too. I had been looking for a fixed blade knife but most of what interested me was out of my price range. That brings me to the gerber profile. I had pretty much everything I was looking for at a great price. Sure you get what you pay for but I like gerbers products...and I'm sure this thing is better quality than all those knock off ridiculous 10" k bar knifes that sell for about the same price. So this thing is perfect for my bob and general use...the size is just right.

    And as mentioned already, even if they don't last forever you can buy several of them for the price of most high quality knifes.
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  5. I have had the same knife for a year and I beat the hell out of it. Good all around knife, it holds a decent edge and takes abuse like a champ. I have used it to skin animals, cut chunks of wood, hammer things with the tang, cut up a soup can to make a makeshift cooking stove and it keeps taking whatever I dish out. you cant ask anything more for a twenty dollar knife.
  6. I bought one for my middle nephew last year for Christmas....he likes it, it has held up well, takes a good edge and holds it...LOL if a teenager aint managed to break it in a year, it's probably pretty tough.
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    New York
    Dallas, I can tell you where it was made: China.

    After Fiskars bought out Gerber in 1987, they gradually shifted knife production to the PRC. Gerber still makes its multitools in the United States, but most if not all of their current production of edged weapons is being done in ChiCom factories. Yet another example of a famous American product being outsourced.

    I buy Gerber knives, mostly the table and carving knives the company was famous for before they responded to the USMC Request for Proposal that launched them into the world of combat blades back during the Vietnam War, whenever I run across them at tag and estate sales. Apart from learning the hard way one time that the table knife handles aren't dishwasher-safe, I have no complaints. But please note that these are Gerber knives made by Gerber in the United States when the company was US-owned. They aren't made anymore, anywhere.

    I also own a pair of Gerber combat knives made in the mid-1970s: a Mark I that's been a good and trusty friend in some tight places and a Mark II, its bigger brother that never quite caught on. I'd trust my life to either one.

    I entrusted a friend's life with one. I found a Mark I sans sheath at an estate sale (bought a replacement sheath on eBay) that she took with her to Iraq. She was envied by everyone in her platoon. They could tell by the serial number that it was pre-merger.

    I'm glad you guys like your Profile IIs. I hope you find them as worthy of trust as I do mine.
  8. Some of the higher-end Gerber blades are still made in the U.S.A.

    the cheaper ones are marked ''made in Taiwan'' I've never seen a Gerber marked ''made in China''

    I own several Gerbers, all Made In Portland Oregon USA models, I like them all...I aint so impressed with the Taiwan Gerbers, but like I said, for 20$ they are good blades.