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german mauser

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A friend just showed me a German 98 mauser. All of the serial numbers on all of the parts, match. The insignia on the rifle is an eagle perching on a swastika. The rifle was supposedly captured in France. The date on the barrel is 1940. The rifle seems to be in good condition. Any ideas as to it's worth?
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Are you able to post pictures? Is it actually a model 98 as opposed to a Yugo captured 98k? I have seen descriptions of all matching numbers with intact codes going for $ 500, $700 and up depending on condition.
If I can't post them here, I can certainly e-mail them to you. I don't have any pictures of the weapon, but I can easily get them. The owner is a father of one of my Boy Scouts. He asked me to inquire as to the value of what he possesses.

IMO, he's got a valuable rifle!

By the way, the legend of this rifle says that it was taken from a dead Frenchman. Go figure!

Get me an e-mail address, or tell me how to post them here, and I'll get the pic's within two weeks.

Thanks for your reply!
Ok now you say that the rifle is dated "1940" on the barrel? Is it on the barrel or on the front reciever ring? Is the rifle marked "Mod 98" on the left side of the reciever? Is there a code on the top of the front reciever ring (example; AR, BNZ, S/42, 42, S/243, ect.....)? Is the barrel 23 5/8" long? Does the stock run most of the length of the barrel and terminate in a metal "stud"?
Is there a wooden handguard on the top of barrel just forward of the rear sight? Is the wood laminated or walnut? Is the buttplate a half inch thick or is it thin? If you answer these questions then I can give you an accurate price. There are alot of variables that change the value of the rifle. If the rifle is original and unmolested and produced by a rare manufacturer or issued to a rare unit then it is possible that the rifle could be worth upwards of $4000. However if it is not 100% original, if the stock is shorted, if is a common manufacturer, or common issue it could be worth $100. I own over 200 mauser rifles, some of them cost me $20-$30 and others I've paid $7000 for.
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****! Gerbil, it's not my rifle! I will try to get pics to you. I claim no expertise to German Mausers, other than what I saw on the serial numbers. I'll get back with ya'll when I have them.

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