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So, I have this German pistol in a 7.65 mm, and I have been cleaning, servicing, repairing, and locating lost pieces.
Success today on several levels of getting the pistol functioning again.

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One thing I really like to see on these German pistols is the craftsmanship that is awesome. The cartouche stamps are awesome.

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The slide is really a work of art, fit and finish.

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The cartouche on the outside of the slide, everything is in excellent condition.

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Even after 100 years the springs are still in excellent condition.

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Parts can be very difficult to locate.

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The grips exterior are excellent, the one grip inside was broken due to someone unable to remove it properly.

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I had a old piece of walnut that I spent hours fitting into the broken grip.

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Worked on fitting the grip into the catch, then checked out the other grip to see how the movement was on it. I was checking out, comparing each grip with the catch.

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Ok, I have a issue, the takedown catch fits into the grip safety.When the grip safety is depressed, the takedown catch drops into the divit of the grip safety when depressed and stays put, I have to push in on the takedown catch to release the grip safety.

Basically I assume the takedown catch needs to stay out all of the time. Give me some feedback.

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The Ortgies Pistol
Model 1920

by Ed Buffaloe and Dr. Stefan Klein​

"The Ortgies pistol has a number of unusual design features. The most obvious is its grip safety which, once squeezed, stays in the “fire” position without further pressure of the hand on the grip. A button on the left side of the gun allows the grip safety to pop back out. Since the grip safety is powered by the striker spring, the safety can only be popped out, i.e., placed in the “safe” position, when the striker is cocked. Hence, if the safety is enabled, the gun is cocked. When the grip safety is enabled, the sear is prevented from moving downward and the tension on the striker spring is reduced. Pressing the safety- enabling button also allows the slide to be lifted off the frame rail for disassembly. The striker serves as the ejector."


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