German police seize arsenal of wartime weapons

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  1. grizcty

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    What a shame!

    These will be probably destroyed, like previous ones found.

    German police seize arsenal of wartime weapons

    Wed Sep 22, 12:02 pm ET
    BERLIN (Reuters) – German police have seized an illegal arsenal of 86 weapons -- most dating from World War One and World War Two -- stored in the house of a Bavarian man who died two years ago.
    In defiance of Germany's strict gun control laws, firearms and hand grenades were found unsecured in the pensioner's house, police said. The man's son had notified authorities after discovering the weapons recently while clearing out the house.
    Of the total 86 weapons seized, most date from the time between the World War One and the end of World War Two.
    The collection included assault rifles, revolvers, tommy guns, 21 detonators and explosive devices, seven hand grenades, and 23 metal boxes containing various types of munition, police said.
    (Writing by Michelle Martin, editing by Paul Casciato)

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    Was he waiting for WWIII to start?

  3. Maybe that was the old German missing a leg and blind in one eye that wanted to kick my american butt at the Octoberfest back in 71'. Still wanted to fight the war.
  4. 9mmXDm

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    What ashame. They will probably be destroyed.
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    Presuming the polizei are counting the grenades and "explosive devices" as weapons, that means 58 direarms of one sort or another were recovered from this house. Do you suppose they will be smart enough to sell them on, or ship them off to an outfit like Southern Ohio Gun for their one-of-a-kind pages?

    I'm afraid 9mmXDm is right, though. The government will probably order them dumped in the middle of the Baltic or something.
  6. Huey Rider

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    Thevery least they could do would be to donate them to a military museum.
  7. These WWI and WWII countries could make a killing off of selling those surplus guns in the US.
  8. It sounds like it may be items he picked up off battlefields.
  9. samuel

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    The law is the law and in this case I emagine the U.S.,Russia,France and Great Britain passed the law.Dirty shame.I could have cleaned out a corner to store them.