Germany moves to enshrine rights for animals

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    Great Now we got to read a deer its rights before we shoot it....LAPD will now be provideing hunter safty training I guess.

    World News

    June 22, 2002

    Germany moves to enshrine rights for animals
    From Roger Boyes in Berlin

    GERMANY became the first European Union country to protect animal rights in its Constitution yesterday. The move has alarmed scientists, hunters and the country’s Muslims, who believe that they may be banned from ritual slaughter of animals.
    The Bundesrat, the upper House of Parliament, gave overwhelming support to a law to amend the Constitution to make it a duty of the State to protect not only human life, but also that of animals. Inspired by the Greens, the law is the culmination of a ten-year political struggle.
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    Rights as in what? Can't eat them?