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  1. Anyone know of a source for acquiring a gernade launching system for the Mosin Nagant rifle? I knew of one guy several years ago who had one but said his source was inside Europe somewhere and he never got back to me on getting a system. Yes they do exist and I have seen the pics.

    Any help on this would be super great!!!
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  3. I should be more specific....Diakanov Gernade Launcher for Mosin Nagant for the 91/30's.
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    it'll probably be easier to find a GRENADE launcher.
  5. That would be great. Got any pics of one????????????????????
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    hmmm...i wonder if they'd allow that at the range! lolol...that would be cool though!
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    There is very little info on this .. It was made in the 1930's as you state but no one seems to know how many were made or what the usage was .. I will try to get more info for you but I doubt many of them even exsist today !:)
    List of Russian weaponry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    They do exist, as a GRENADE launcher. I saw a pic of one while googling Mosin pics. Tonite when I am REALLY bored, I'll look for it again. I think it was in a thread!
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    I'll put the pics up here...


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    O.O oooooo....a new trigger system to setoff my homemade i dont have to throw bricks at em till they go off.... :silly:

    the one in middle looks almost like a field-fashioned silencer: [​IMG]
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    OH, you big boys have everything!:09:

    Especially things that start with a "G" Grenades, girls, grizzlies, greylings....:09:
  14. Verrrrrry interesting. But, my SKS can do that...:09:

    Except in Kalifornicus.:bs2:
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    New York
    Looks like the Soviets wanted something equivalent to the rifle grenades developed for the US Army. I don't recall those were especially accurate either, one problem being you weren't supposed to fire them from the shoulder, if memory serves; you were supposed to rest the butt of your M-1 on the ground and aim by guess and by gosh. It's just not in it compared to the bloop gun and the M-203 that attaches to the M-16 for accuracy.
  16. Seems that the Yugoslavians figured it out, and even used NATO specifications.:)
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    i want one that's made to shoot flares....that way when warden asks why i shot a deer, i'd say i was tryin to see where i was going, and the flaming deer lit the way for me :D

    like spraying "flammable substance" on a toad then 'accidentally' dropping lit cigarrette on him.... >.>
  18. nah get it right Geo, its Commiefornia. I'll go find a pic of the really cool nade launcher and beat Swede to it hehehe
  19. I'm from the PRK. I miss the weather, and family, but not the taxes and assinine laws.

    I am tempted to buy the golf ball launcher for the SKS. Just because.:09:

    Buy a Yugo SKS (59/66) the 22mm NATO granade launcher and sight are built in. Getting the grenades might prove a little more difficult.:09:
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