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    A long time ago I made a set of custom 1911 grips of sorts. I had a raggety old set of Colt wood grips. I wanted to put these on my clone but didn't want to hear it from my buddies about how it wasn't a Colt, you know where this can go, even in good fun. This is what I did;
    From behind I removed the Rampant Colt medalion from both grips. No I'm not a Colt hater or anything.:p I refinished the grips with a tru- oil kit. I had exactly 2 "BROWNING .45 ACP" head stamp cases. (please don't tell me now they were rare collector items:( ) I loaded primers in both and deadened with W-D40. I cut the brass down to almost the rim and epoxy'd the case heads in the holes where the Colt medallion was. A final file job was done on the back side to go flush, then a bit more epoxy to seal the small crater. They turned out nicely and I get quite a few compliments on them.