Get Ready For More Grocery Store Shortages

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Ten Man, Oct 27, 2020.

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    The problem with "friends and family" and your supply of emergency stuff, is they suddenly say, well you do not need all of that, so you should share with us......same with ammo.....they do not seem to care what you deem a minimum have plenty and they have none. They will be whining for some Spam, that they would normally not eat. So, I agree, do not share with them how much you have, never let them see your stash. Also, buy extra because you cannot let your wife's family starve when the time comes. Of course, when they get some, it should be the oldest by date and no they do not get to pick the flavors IMHO
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  2. Ten Man

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    HARSH! LOL!!!!!!

    Seriously, I totally agree.
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  3. TXplt

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    lol....there's never been any state in the US that's been 'dry.' Ever.

    There WERE times that selling booze was (and is) illegal; made so in an incoherent way (like most other places as well). It just gave rise to mobs and organized crime in that it increased the profit margin for illegal alcohol suppliers. And made people into criminals who otherwise wouldn't be.

    The fastest 'gateway drug' is idiots with pens running amok writing silly laws under the false impression they can control things they cannot.

    In fact, states are waking up to the fact that all this WuFlu buffoonery has seriously hit into their tax revenues (go figure). If you make going to a bar illegal, folks will simply make their OWN bar (and if necessary their own beer, wine and even booze) -- running under the radar (just like prohibition and speak easies--starting with inviting a few friends over which later expands to more and more friends; at least ones that can be trusted to keep it quiet). But you won't see a dollar of tax revenue from it. It's amazing that these entities never learn from history (or want to learn from it).
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  4. Big Dog

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    At the height of the Covid Craze, with store supplies drying up, I did give my sister a big bottle of hand sanitizer, a couple N95 masks (for her and BIL), and a half box of vinyl gloves, from my stash.
    I asked her about TP and paper towels, but she was able to find enough locally. Seems the lack of supply wasn't as bad here as elsewhere.
    We will see what the winter brings.
    I'll continue slowly building stock and "hoarding". It'll all get used eventually. And buying online in bulk means I don't have to risk exposure in the stores.
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  5. mitchr

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    Don't know of any state that is totally dry. In Texas we have dry counties. Makes no sense, because folks just go to an adjacent county for their booze. In Shreveport, La we had dry "Wards" within a wet city! A Ward may only be a few blocks long, so booze was within walking distance!

    Was 25 plus years ago & may have changed by now, but Oklahoma & Mississippi had the strangest laws on booze I've heard about! Was in the 60s that I spent time in Mississippi. No bars! Could get a beer in restaurants, but only if you had a meal there! I got to know the owner of one restaurant pretty well & she'd let me sit & drink beer as long as I wanted, after eating. She just left the dirty dishes on the table in case the wrong person walked in. You could get hard stuff & beer by the 6 pack at liquor stores to take it back to the motel.
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  6. Cyrano

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    New York
    When my dad was in France, there was a major screw-up in the supply chain, and all his regiment got to eat for three weeks was Spam. Even with the talents of the scroungers to try and vary the diet, his outfit ate Spam for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As you might guess, every man in the Go-Devils acquired a serious dislike of Spam.

    And yet, once a year, Dad would go into the kitchen with a couple of cans of Spam and make the family Spam sandwiches for lunch. He and Mom had theirs with mustard; I had mine with barbecue sauce. It wasn't too bad ... once a year.

    I've been known to mince it fine and mix it into scrambled eggs with sauteed onions for breakfast. But although I keep a few cans on the shelves, it does not have a regular slot in Chateau Cyrano's food rotation because both PWB and Junior hate it.
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    S.W. MO
    China has had severe flooding this year. Darn near biblical type flooding. No rice harvest, and they usually get more than one harvest (3, I believe) in each year. Now they have an armada of fishing boats out all over the globe, encroaching on many other nations waters because they will have a food shortage this winter/spring.
    This reminded me of early in the covid thing how 3M was selling out to china and not selling PPE items to the U.S.A. until Trump stepped in. Will the same happen with U.S. food supplies? Commie sell out CEO's will once again take the cash from china and screw over Americans, in my opinion.
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    Smithfield packing, the largest pork processor in the US, is owned by the Chinese. And the Chinese people have a taste for pork.
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  9. If I may make a recommendation; canned soups, meats, stews are going up in the dried beans, lentils, rice, etc. Buy a london broil and make a bunch of jerky...pork can be ground into sausage and stuffed into intestine links and dried..Salted codfish if you can find it buy it if you know how to prepare it...It is too late if you did not can as there are no Ball canning jars, gaskets or lids...some stuff at the market tends to be slow movers ie, Jack Mackerel, tuna in olive oil, sardines in oil, buy it while it is still shelved...several types of squash will stay quite nicely if you keep them dry and cool in a dark area...we have a plastic tub filled with acorn and butternut squash under the stairs which is right under the entrance to the house....stays cool all winter...
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  10. Big Dog

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    Haha. Growing up in the 1960s things were tight for awhile. We had corned beef hash over rice a lot, as it was cheap. To this day, I hate corned beef hash. But once a year or so, I get a weird craving for it. I buy a can, heat and eat it, good for another year!
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  11. mitchr

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    I like fried spam for sandwiches, but I ain't gonna ruin my eggs with spam!:p
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  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    That was the one dish that was NEVER served in my childhood home. You see, in North Africa there had been another Quartermaster Corps screw-up, and for six long weeks the only GI rations that reached Dad's unit were C-ration corned beef hash C-rats. (I think he was talking about the M unit "Meat With Vegetable Hash" rather than proper corned beef hash.) He refused after he got out of the Army to ever eat it again. Trouble was, he neglected to inform my mother of his loathing of corned beef hash.

    Now, one dish of which my mother was extremely proud was her corned beef hash topped with a fried egg. One day when she was on day shift at the hospital, she carefully made up her corned beef hash and proudly served it to Dad when he got home from work. He grimly ate it, then looked at Mom and told her, "In the Army, I once ate corned beef hash morning, noon, and night for six weeks. NEVER serve me corned beef hash ever again." And to make his point, he threw the frying pan out the window and stalked out.

    Mom went into the bedroom and cried her eyes out, while Dad went into the pasture adjacent to their apartment, searched for and recovered the frying pan, brought it in, washed it. and carefully dried it. They never spoke of it again -- but Mom never served corned beef hash ever again, either.
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  13. Ten Man

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    I got sick on a can of corned beef hash, out of a vending machine, when I was in college. Just the smell of it makes me want to wretch, to this day, over 50 years later.
  14. Jaison

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    Fried shrimp, here. Can’t stand the smell, even.

    Dad bought a 10 lb. bag of them once and that’s what we had every day until they were gone.
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  15. Ten Man

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    You know what? If you were hungry enough, you would eat it!

    I would eat the corned beef hash, too! LOL!!
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  16. Jaison

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    Hell, I reckon I’d eat navel lint if I were hungry enough.;)
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  18. Jaison

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    Yah, that even got me re-thinking the statement. LOL
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  19. Stickman

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    My standard line is that I only have X number of Y left, sorry.
    I actually do believe that if the commucrats win next week, that there will be a run on the supermarkets like we had last spring.

    Tomorrow I plan to hit my local Three Bears and stock up on a lot of staples. Flour, beans, meat, fish, probably even paper goods. I'm usually very well stocked on everything but this year we've been crazy busy at work so I'm behind.

    We still have plenty of ammo, but no primers. Lots of bullets and powder too.
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  20. Big Dog

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    Ten pounds of shrimp! That would be maybe two good meals for me! I love shrimp. Had a neighbor friend bring me a bag of jumbo shrimp a couple weeks ago. I cooked rice with some store-bought white pasta sauce, oven-baked the shrimp, then combined them cutting the cooked shrimp into bitesized pieces. Man, that was good! :cool:
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