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    Hello. New to this forum and just starting to collect some old Mossberg long guns.

    I've had a bolt action .410 going on 25 years now. Model 183D. I received it in the mid 80's when a good friend of my grandfather passed away. Along with the .410 I also received a fun little Revelation Model 101 single shot bolt action .22.

    I've always liked the .410 and after not laying a hand on it in about 5 years I pulled it out to just look at it. It was spurred by shooting a Stevens .22 from the mid 40's over the New Years holiday weekend. The Stevens belonged to my sister-n-law's father. His first gun.

    So, after shooting the old Stevens and admiring the .410 I started looking for a Mossberg .22 to add to my collection. Not looking for an investment piece, just something to shoot and to own a piece of history.

    Well, this evening I purchased a Mossberg 46B (b). All the metal appears to be original and in very good condition. No signs of being re-blued. The stock has a new finish on it.

    I do have a few questions about it pertaining to features of this model not matching what I've researched online. First, the forward end of the forearm does not have the detail of the 46B (b) that I've seen in the Mossberg literature. It's smooth. Next is the sights. The front sight is what I've seen referred to as an "economy" sight and the rear sight is just a stamped steel sight approx 3 inches long and no screw(s) securing it to the barrel. Lastly, the plastic trigger guard is the long style with the finger groves. Starting at the trigger and moving backwards it does not fit flush with the stock. There is a bit of a gap and the front edge does not fill the cutout in the stock boy about an 1/8th of an inch.

    Were the sights I have original or possibly changed at some point? Is the stock original?

    I'll post some pictures as soon as I can for a better understanding of what I'm looking at.

    Thanks for any info. I'm looking forward to obtaining 1 or 2 more .22's to add to the safe.

    There is a 16 gauge bolt action available in my area. I might have to park that next to the .410 in the safe.

    Marc / Louisiana
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    Wow, this brings back memories. My first gun was a Mossberg .410 bolt-action and it accounted for many squirrels.

    My brother still has a Mossberg .22 auto but he won't sell it. I've been trying to get it for years.

    When I was in high school some buddies asked me if I had a shotgun because they were going to shoot clay pigeons.

    I didn't know what a clay pigeon was but I went with them. They had a good laugh when I pulled out my little .410 and they all had mostly 12 gauge pumps and over/unders.

    Well, I tried it and hit every thing they put up for me. Then they went to two hand-traps and I managed to hit one, work the bolt and get the other.

    At the end of the day all of the expensive shotguns were leaning against the fence while they made a line to try out my .410.

    The only thing I didn't like about Mossbergs was the cheap-looking plastic finger guard. Someone makes a metal one now.

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    Welcome to the madness of the Mossberg collector - I have seven of the little darlings! It's an addiction almost as strong as Mosinitis. ;-)

    If you haven't yet, you need to check out the following websites, important for the Mossy enthusiast:

    Damguy's unofficial Mossberg Site - LOTS of great info!

    Mossberg 22 LR Firearms Information Unofficial Small-bore Page Damguy

    Havlin Sales Mossberg site:

    Havlin Sales & Service - Mossberg Gun Parts

    If you ever need parts or accessories, check with Vic Havlin. He is The go to guy for us Mossberg guys.

    The warping of the grip/trigger guard is common. It can sometimes be heated in a hot water bath to soften it and carefully reshaped, but there is a possibility of breakage. Havlins may have the new aluminum TG to fit this rifle. They also have scope mounts that use the original peep sight holes (no drilling!) and iron sights for some rifles.

    Again, welcome to Gunandgame!
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    wiliermdb: Sir, Welcome from NC
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    Here are a few pics of the 46B (b).

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    "Havlins may have the new aluminum TG to fit this rifle."

    Big Dog, how do you find the aluminum trigger guards on Havlin's site? I can't find them...
  8. Big Dog

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    I read of them awhile back. Haven't been to their site recently. Gotta take a look-see when I get home on my PC.

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    Are you aware that the rear sight ladder is missing?
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    Yeah this thread brings back some fond memories. I had 410 bolt back in late 60s that I enjoyed. Great for squirrel and rabbit. Went shooting with a friend who had a Mossberg Model 320 B target model with peep sight. Had sling with the finger grip I believe. Nice trigger if you can find one.
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    I've got an old single shot break action .410, but I sure would enjoy a bolt action .410, another thing ill have to browse the pawn shops for.
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    I just got this gun and was wondering if anybody can give me more information about it and tell me how much it is worth please. The only thing I know about it is that it is an antique 1938 bolt action Mossberg .22 used as a training rifle during ww2.

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    Check prices on Gunbroker and Armslist. Should find some for sale on there

    Welcome to G&G by the way and cudos for posting in an appropriate thread about your Mossberg :D
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  16. Jessica22

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    Just searched both those websites, neither one has any...
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    Welcome. My son has an old Wards Western Field 22 bolt action that we got from my Father in law years ago. I restocked it as the original stock was broken and beyond repair. With a 4X Weaver scope it's a tack driver. JR
  18. mauser9

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    I would love to find one of those Model 640 K Chucksters they use to make. Always liked em.
  19. Jay

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    For questions on parts, originality, or values, contact Vic or Cheryl Havlin via phone or email. They're great folks. Vic wrote the book "More gun for the Money" all about Mossbergs, and the book is available via the web site... or

    Values on the old Mossbergs may vary widely depending on how bad the potential purchaser wants a given rifle.
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