Getting older.

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  1. jason1965

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    Well folks,I just turned 45 this month,and the way I see it is my life is half over.
    I'm wondering how many of you went or are going through a mid life crisis.
    I'm not sure what the signs are,but I think that I am.
    Any and all thoughts would be deeply appreciated.
    Jason M
  2. Hog Red

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    NW AR
    i started spending money like crazy. bought a new Chrysler Prowler and drove it less than 1,000 miles per year then sold it after 3 years when it dawned on me that i didn't need 3 car notes at one time.

  3. FortyXDM

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    Trust me, this will pass and fairly quickly. Your best is ahead. You have more experience and wisdom, priorities are clearer and eventually you realize that you really wouldn't want to live to be 110.

    :) :)

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    please continue to get older . If you dont the results arent good![​IMG]
  5. Life half over huh ! At 61 I plan on a good long life ahead of me yet. My midlife crisis came when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and 6 months later my wife died. Now I live every day like it could be my last one. Bought a ATV, CJ5 Jeep, nice little travel trailer and almost enough guns to keep me happy.

    Live all you can because you are gonna be a long time dead.
  6. Half over? HAHAHAHHA. Your math skills are failing you already!
  7. texnmidwest

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    Pass quickly?!!!! HECK, I have been in a midlife crisis for the last 10 years!!!!

    When I turned 40 I had a midlife crisis, bought two handguns and three rifles. Then went out and bought an Electric bass guitar and a huge amp! 10 years later I still have the bass and amp collecting dust in storage but the rifles....I can't stop buying them!!!!

    There is something about the rifle.....
  8. ChaZam

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    A midlife crisis is like kidney stones, painfull till it passes.
  9. ALR

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    Im 61, I love my girlfriend and my wife hates her! J/K.....
    So far have survived Prostate Cancer, but not the VA yet....
    MO allowed CCW and have built up a nice little collection of pistols and a 308 AR.....Just need to find the time to reload and shoot.....Maybe in 5 years at End of Productivity.....
    My midlife crisis came late or Im going to be around tooooooo looooong!
    Need to start on Bucket List!
  10. Jason it's time to take a little walk and talk with Jesus. Get outdoors somewhere or pull in and park at a Sonic Drive In.... Tell him whats going on in your life and what your going through and then just listen and be very still and while listening look around you and take thought of what you see all around you.

    While your listening being still and looking about seeing life and nature in motion you'll see everything is still working like it always has and so will your life if you want it to.

    Everything is gonna be alright, you'll see...A.H
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  11. samuel

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    I really feel sorry for you "OLD" guys.(be sure to invest in a large TV and a comfortable couch with some nice pillows and an old "security blanket.) (And a good hearing aid to help with the problem you created by not wearing the proper hearing protection when you were indistructible) ,,,sam.
  12. killsnapz

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    Jason I am right with you. I turned 44 last Feburary. been in a funk for almost a year. I have had one operation this year. A cancer scare that fortunately turned out to be a granuloma after it was removed from my right sinus. Only to find out a little later in the year that after injuring my neck in the same place for the third time it is not going to heal on its own and surgury this high up on the neck is extremely dangerious but it is the only way to repair it. My doctor strongy recomended to not let a surgeon touch it as I could very easily come out of it worse. So yeah right now I am definetely have a serious mid-life crisis as to what the heck am I going to be able to do to support myself for the rest of my life. Your not alone buddy.

  13. BunnyWabbit

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    I am going to sell all my belonging and paint pictures on the beach.
  14. To be honest with all the foolish and dangerous things I have done in my life I never thought I'd reach forty, yet here I am pretty close to celebrating my 53rd year on the third rock from the Sun. How time flys when yer having fun!
  15. raveneap

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    72 here. Family, health, happiness. Can't ask for more. Oh, yeah, many guns. :)
  16. Rex_Lee

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    Yea, I just turned 40 this year too. If I would have known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!
  17. srt 10 jimbo

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    50 last month. Kinda wish I never seen a football now. 3 knee surgery's, neck fusion, lower back pain. 2 elbow surgery's Rotator cuff. etc... other then that I'm fine.
  18. Paul T

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    I knew I was in trouble when I turned 45. I got up out of bed and my arse fell off and its been going slow ever since. I am younger than EZ but not by much maybe a few months. I dont know how he survived all these years...It boggles the mind.
  19. jerry

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    Happy birthday. I'll be 45 in a few months. I have given this some thought too. I'm in a big time funk. Mostly because all I do is work & don't do 1/2 of the stuff I used to love to do. Just seems like there is no time. My theory is that as we become older, we may be a bit wiser, but we slow down a tad. I think it takes me a minute amount of time to get the same stuff done as it did in my 20's and 30's. Add it all up and it has a time impact.

    I also think the motivation level has tapered a bit. The result is work work work, come home and sit on my dead butt and dream about the hunting, fishing and camping I used to do.

    I tried to free up some time by retiring from the Air Guard, just to end up working more weekends at the job (for no more pay) salary is awesome! I resigned my board position at the fishing club because I wasn't active. All that and still can't keep up.

    I just felt like I used to have the world by the balls, now it's got me.

    So in short, I know how ya feel man.
  20. killsnapz

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    Well Jason as you can see you are not alone in this. It helps me alot to see it is not just me being a wimp by not being on the go 24/7 like I did for so many years. I guess what alot of us are going thru is just a reality check. It is very hard mentally to have to adjust your life style from what you want to do to what you are able to do. I am slowly coming to realise this. We need to move on and find different hobbies that are a little easier on our bodies but stil give us enjoyment.